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How To Start Valet Parking Service Business? – A Step By Step Guide

How To Start Valet Parking Service Business? – A Step By Step Guide

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In the United States, there are very few railroads. The driving roads and the routes are covering the whole country. Your vehicle is your best friend. If you like to go anywhere, you only have to start your car and head towards your destination. As long as people drive their cars to reach their destinations, they’re always a valet parking service in demand.

The valet parking service is a profitable business. The high demand for valet parking service is the route behind it. Valet parking service is a parking service for public and private vehicles. This is a public facility service. It is hard to find a parking space in Canada and the United States of America without a valet parking service.

What Is The Difference Between Public & Valet Parking?

Difference Between Public & Valet Parking

In the public car parking services, you have to drive your car and park independently. But for the valet parking service, you will get the hands.

A valet is taking care of your car and parking it in the allotted space. So now you know ‘what is valet parking service.’ But what are the advantages? And why do the customers prefer valet parking service?

Here are the answers to your question.

Advantages Of Valet Parking Service

The advantages of the valet parking service are simple: customers feel much more comfortable. Everyone knows finding a parking space in rush hour is not a matter of a joke.

Even when you find a parking place in the public parking, you can not park your car in that squishing place. But in the valet parking service, you do not have to think about the crunching parking areas. Your Valet will safely park your car.

This is the reason now in the United States Of America valet parking service business is one of the most profitable ones. So, are you a business entrepreneur? Then let’s have a look and know how to start a valet parking service business.

How To Start Valet Parking Service Business?

How To Start Valet Parking Service Business

The valet parking service Chicago, and Canada are pretty profit-making businesses. But are you in the United States of America or any other place? Then do not worry. Just follow the step guide to start your first valet parking service business.

I can guarantee you can follow my tips blindfolded whenever you want to start the valet parking business.

7 Easy Step Guide To Start A Valet Parking Service Business

When you want to start your valet parking service business. First, you have to select the business place and the city. The valet parking service for events requires much more professional expert people to increase customer satisfaction.

Here are some easy steps. Follow these steps and start your valet parking service business.

1. Find Your Business Location

Every city has different types of rules for the valet parking service business. So before setting up the business, finalize your business locations first.

Then do the rest of the legal business protocols. It is better to study the business norms and protocols of the location.

2. Buy Professional Valet Parking Equipment

Buying professional valet parking equipment minimizes the accident’s chances—every customer’s impressions matter. Unless you do not use the Valet parking equipment, you will not be able to make it possible.

You have to pick the professional valet parking service parking equipment. By using it, you can quickly identify your car. You must have to use anti-theft key cabinets. That is going to minimize the chance of car thefts and make the car lock-proof.

3. Pick Right Venue For Valet Parking Service

Always look for high-class ventures for your valet parking service because the high-class venue is always providing the best services.

First, go through the contract terms of the Valet parking services. Then if required, you can extend the policy and terms.

4. Recruit Proper Valet Attendant

Experienced valet attendants are always the best advantage of having professional services. Before recruiting a proper valet attendant, keep your documents clean, especially the payment systems.

Many companies are offering fixed payment systems to their attendants. But 80% of the valet companies’ attendants’ main income sources are the customer’s tips.

5. Apply Branding And Marketing By Taking Professional Services

Make some extra efforts to get the customer’s attention unless you do not take the help of professional advertisement and branding companies. When you are setting up the valet parking service, you already know what your business goal is.

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And when you are well aware of your business target and goal, you can get help from professional business service providers. The marketing and advertising agencies are developing a solid brand name for your business. And everyone near your business places they will know all about your business.

6. Insurance Policies

How to run a valet parking service? Setting up any business is relatively easy rather than running it. First, you have to pick your right in an insurance policy. Unfortunately, every insurance policy does not cover everything.

That means you always have to go through your insurance policy and the norms. So keep the insurance for customers. And clearly describe the insurance details in the company policy norms.

7. Cover The Work Clock

Always hire the exact valet parking service attendants for the specific hours. Hence, some service providers offer valet services for particular events and times. Always maintain that exact work schedule. But sometimes, I have seen during the night shift the service providers are significantly less available.

When you are a business handler, then this is entirely your responsibility. You have to be well prepared to handle the emergency situation. When no one is available, you have to offer valet services for your customers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. What Is The Valet Parking Process?

The Valet parking process is pretty simple. You are simply driving up and paying the fee for it. And the valet attendant is taking away your car. Then, the valet attendants or concierge will grab your car during your leave. The valet service is offered to many hotels, restaurants, and casinos. Even some theme parks are also offering valet services for their visitors.

2. What Are The Duties Of A Valet Attendant?

A valet attendant is a responsible person who is driving, parking, and retrieving the guest’s vehicles. The guest vehicles ensure a smooth welcome to their guests. Your valet attendant will be dividing your car during the arrival and departure.

3. What Do You Know About Valet Keys?

A valet key is a spare key that comes with your vehicle. The valet keys are always having different functions. Some of the Valet keys are designed to open the car door and then start it. The valet key is unlocking the car glove box or the car tank.


The valet parking service is a top-rated service in Chicago and Canada. So if you like to have Valet parking services, you must go through all of these steps. But before setting up a fully functional business, you have to research the insurance policies. You always need a supportive environment for your business.

Unless you do not have a good car insurance policy for your customers, they will not accept your services. Are you planning to start your valet parking business? Do not forget to share your parking business ideas in the comment section.

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