How To Access Live Soccer Streams

How To Access Live Soccer Streams For Free: Legal And Safe Methods

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Everyone loves a good football match. I mean, it is one of the most lovable sports out there, isn’t it?

The thrill, excitement, and emotions that come with football are unparalleled.

We all cried with joy when Messi finally lifted the World Cup in 2022. We all cried sad tears when Ronaldo left the field crying. The emotions that arise when you get to watch your favorite teams playing live are unmatched.

A big thanks to the internet for making it happen even more efficiently than ever. With digitization running at its peak, sports streaming websites present the latest tournaments at our fingertips.

Many channels offer a wide range of sports, including high-profile games like the Tokyo Olympics. However, most of these websites only operate on subscriptions and hence charge a cost for the streaming services.

These charges may be overwhelming for college students or people in general. Luckily, many online platforms offer soccer streams for free.

Not only soccer streams, but you can also get access to any live-streaming sport on whichever device you want and from wherever you like.

However, you will have to be extremely knowledgeable about the authenticity of these sites as many malicious websites may get you into major legal troubles and jail.

Sounds scary? I get it.

Sounded scary to me at the beginning too. So, I did some digging and found some of the most trustable sites for soccer streams and the safest ways to access them online.

Are Soccer Streams Safe?

Are Soccer Streams Safe

Well, I will not be generalizing here. While most online soccer streams are safe, some of them aren’t!

You will be surprised by the numbers. According to the Premier League, almost a million people watch soccer streams through illegal streaming platforms. According to The Times, league officials are taking steps to block these illegal websites to save people from getting into legal trouble.

As long as these sites exist to scam people, it is better to learn before browsing and streaming through websites and inviting trouble for yourself.

The very initial and most crucial step is to use a VPN while browsing. VPN will hide your IP address and keep you safe from any unauthorized tracking.

Apart from this, there are other ways by which you can detect if a site is authentic or not.

And I am here to help you precisely with that.

How To Check If The Soccer Streams Are Safe? 

How To Check If The Soccer Streams Are Safe

Here’s how you can check if the soccer streams you are accessing are safe or not.

Is the site reputed?

Before diving into the website, question yourself.

Do you know the site? Where have you heard of the site? What reviews do others have about the site?

The more you question yourself, the more you will know about the authenticity of the site. Although it is always recommended to watch soccer streams on channel or brand streaming websites like FOX, ESPN, etc., I do understand your concern as well.

If you are willing to pay any money, take some time and research the website well. Know how the site has been existing or who are the member communities or how it operates. A well-researched step can save you a lot more damage than an impulsive decision.

One of the saddest truths about online streaming is, “if you are not paying for it, you are the product.”

Free streaming platforms often compensate for their services by flashing ridiculous amounts of advertisements. However, some of these advertisements are recorded to be malicious, and you must try to avoid any such website that displays more advertisements than average.

Use A Security Software On Your Device

Having security software on your device is one of the best available options. If not, try to scan the website before you browse it. There are multiple online scanning websites available, so make it your habit to scan before you browse.

Website Layout 

Most of the time, it gets quite obvious by just looking at the layout that the site is malicious. See if the website is well put together, if it is easy to navigate, or the responsiveness of the links and ages.

If you see there are disputes in all of these above-mentioned aspects; it is better for you to refrain from streaming on the site.

Contents Present In The Website

Most reputed streaming platforms have the authentication of live soccer streams; therefore, you can watch the games on the website itself.

However, malicious websites host live streams on different websites. If you find yourself getting redirected to a different page when you try to watch live soccer streams, you better get yourself out of the site as fast as possible.

Best Online Platforms For Soccer Streams

Best Online Platforms For Soccer Streams

Well, now that you know what to stay away from, let me take you through the options that you must look for.

And by that, I mean I have a list of free streaming websites that are authentic and tested, and you can easily watch your favorite soccer streams, be it NFL or Premier League.

Mobdro [Unavailable for now]

Runs: Windows, Android

Price: Free. $3.78/year for premium.

365 Scores

Platforms: Google, Android, Windows

Price: Free


Platforms: Chrome, iOs, Android, Laptop, Smart Tv, Pc

Price: free, but $49.99/year for additional offers


Platforms: Chromecast, iOs, Android

Price: Free

La Liga TV

Platforms: Android, iOs 8.0+

Price: Free

CBS Sport

Platforms: Android, iOs

Price: Free


Platform: Android, iOs

Price: Free

Why Is A VPN Important For Soccer Streams?

Why Is A VPN Important For Soccer Streams

As I mentioned before, while some online streaming websites are legal, some are not. You may be cautious, but you can never be completely safe.

There is a high chance that you will get involved with an illegal site unknowingly. This is where a VPN comes to play its part.

VPN hides your IP address, hence making you untrackable. If you browse through illegal websites without a secured VPN, there are chances that you might receive a legal notice from your IPS and end up getting sued.

Therefore, no matter who guarantees it or whatever measures you have taken, DO NOT LIVE STREAM WITHOUT A VPN!

To Conclude

Soccer streams are some of the major sources of entertainment in our lives. Being a soccer enthusiast myself, I can totally understand your point.

However, being responsible and careful is more important than that. You would not want to end up in jail for streaming pirated content on the internet.

Always ask yourself questions whenever you are accessing a live-streaming platform. Look for reviews and keep the most minute details in mind that can save you from major damage.

Make online scanning of websites a habit, install security software on your device, and keep the VPN on every time you open the internet, and you will be all set.

If you have any more questions, please do comment below, and I will be happy to help you.

Till then, happy streaming!

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