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Business Blogs That Any Business Owner Should Follow

Business Blogs That Any Business Owner Should Follow

Business Blogs

For our businesses to grow, we need to develop brand new and innovative ideas to run them. This will enable us to run them smoothly and efficiently and also deal with competition effectively. I have been following several business blogs, and I find them very beneficial as an avenue to gather tips and information to take my business to the next level, be it learning how to hire an International SEO agency to help with my Google ranking, or how to do outreach better for new customers.

There are many active bloggers with numerous posts and articles that can help us learn a thing or two about running an enterprise. Following these blogs is an excellent way of acquiring knowledge to assist us in running our businesses. I have compiled a list of seven blogs that I follow that we should visit for insights and inspiration to add value to our firms.


This blog was launched in 2016 with the primary goal of educating business people on the various ways of creating online content. I would recommend this blog to any business owner to sign up for an account for free. Each week after signing up, we receive SEO, social media, email marketing, and blogging tips. These tips will significantly help you to market your products and even acquire customers and vendors for your business.

Small Business Trends:

As the name suggests, the blog has online publications that will help entrepreneurs and small business owners. The blog also has a particular segment for personnel that works for these businesses as contractors and freelancers. When you subscribe to this blog, you will enjoy first-hand breaking news in the business industry and free bits of advice. Professional editorial writers write the articles on this blog. The blog also has over 400 experts who give insights on business success and failures.


This blog offers a free collection of business-related materials. When I visit the blog, I read many success stories for business owners, some business ideas, and growth tips that have helped me grow over the years. Those who want to start up a business can follow this blog and get free training courses to build and run businesses.  The blog also has a vast range of business-related topics like social media strategies and marketing that the founders use to grow businesses.


The blog aims to address people who are looking to start new businesses. I have also read a few articles aimed at helping business owners looking at quickly growing their businesses.  Tim Berry, the blog owner, writes many topics that cover business plans and ways to expand and grow our business. The blog also has free templates for business needs such as pitching and even fundraising for new projects.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich:

Ramit Sathi, a New York Best Seller, is the writer of this blog. He studied psychology and human behaviors at Stanford University. Sathi was inspired to write his blog after reading several books on making money, which he found irrelevant in today’s economy and life. I enjoy reading through his blog posts where he has interviews, personal experiences, and case studies. All these are very relevant to us business owners who have been struggling to maximize profits in our businesses.

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Neil Patel Blog:

Patel is a digital marketer and analytical specialist. He is specialized in search engine optimization, conversion optimization, internet marketing, and growth hacking. I have read several of his blog posts and they are very conversational and engaging. We should all look out for his simplified and easy-to-follow business and marketing topics. Apart from the blog, I have also read other works of his, which include a step-by-step guide course on digital marketing. We should also consider reading Hello Bar and Crazy egg, which are some of Patel’s inspirational works.


This blog by MIT alumni who came together in 2004 intended to help us have a more human approach to the sale process. The blog still has the same theme to date. We get examples of how we can market using new and current techniques that are productive. This blog will cover all businesses, no matter what line of work you are in. From the blog posts, I have learned more about a company’s inbound basics, sales and marketing, and even product information.

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