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Best Invoice Software for Small Businesses

Best Invoice Software for Small Businesses

Invoice Software

One of the game-changing tools that are available in the market today is electronic invoicing. Invoicing software or invoice software can now automate most of the accounting processes. Businesses can automate the processing and sending of emails, track all payments received and made, and balance their financial books. The market has several tools and you need to look at the capability of each solution because they have different features.

Best Invoice Software for Small Businesses

Here are some of the best invoice software that you can find in the market.

1. FreshBooks


FreshBooks is the best invoice software with over five million businesses using the solution. It is a perfect tool for small enterprises that would like to take on big and complex invoicing tasks. The good thing about FreshBooks is that it is quick and simple to work with it. It is also easy to integrate this tool into your business platform.

You can automate and personalize all your businesses so that you don’t miss out in even a single payment. The collaboration feature enhances communication between vendors and teams. FreshBooks does away with the expensive human error and its reporting capabilities can help you with projections.

2. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks enterprise is all-inclusive accounting software that is designed for high-growth businesses.  The platform offers end-to-end business solutions covering purchasing management, vendor management, reporting, and financial management.

It also gives users business-specific features allowing you to manage business processes as per the industry regulations. QuickBooks enterprise also has robust customer management and sales module. Therefore, you can create custom invoices and schedule when to send them. The invoice software also has a batch-invoicing feature for sending invoices to multiple clients

3. Xero


Xero makes the process of creating invoices so beautiful. With this platform, you can easily get creative. Xero allows users to create invoices from scratch or choose the templates that Xero has and then activate the desired fields. You don’t have to worry about invoice software compatibility and online installation because the tool is cloud-based. If you are a financial manager, you will lug around bulky ledgers. You log in and your reports will be presented easily hence working faster. The process of book balancing is automated and hence you won’t encounter missing payments. The primary advantage with Xero as the high safety features. Everything is saved in the clouds and backed using secure servers for tracking of your financial records.

4. Tipalti


This tool is an end-to-end SaaS invoicing solution. Tipalti is good at invoicing and payment automation as well as tax compliance processing. It is a KPMG-certified tool that automatically collects US tax forms. By the end of the year, it also generates 1099 forms. Tipalti can also protect you against illicit financial processing that money launderers and insightful entities do hence making it secure. The platform automates and streamlines tax generation reporting and hence your team will have enough time for other tasks. Tipalti is also a powerful business reporting tool that helps finance teams to generate detailed reports.

5. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho is a leading player in the business applications and solutions world making it the best invoice software. It is a perfect tool for medium and small enterprises that require a strong invoicing solution to monitor and process their needs. Zoho simplifies the creation of invoices and makes a more commercial feeling. It is easy and quick to create invoices using this software. The tool has template examples but you can also create your own in the system. You can track all transactions and make online payments with Zoho. The tool can handle various currencies and languages hence allowing you to transact online and internationally.

6. Intacct


The Intacct of all sizes is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It needs minimal manual calculations but automates everything else. You can use it to grow orders and handle unanticipated customer growth without having to make any changes or seek for further assistance. The application is straight-forward that will automate invoice creating, sending, and receiving of payments. Therefore, it eliminates the human error that comes as a result of encoding and manual manipulation.  Intacct integrates with the salesforce and hence you will not require another solution for the same task.

7. FinancialForce Accounting

FinancialForce Accounting

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FinancialForce Accounting used ERP software created on a CRM engine and is easy to learn. It runs in the cloud platform of the sales force and delivers a cost-effective and efficient solution to deliver a seamless end-to-end journey with your clients. The integration helps you to store all your data in one system. The solution can handle multiple-company transactions and cross-currency exchanges with a lot of ease. It also handles financial reporting quite well and can make year-to-date views for next quarter projections. It is easy to create these reports because of the available templates. The tool has everything that you expect from the best invoice software hence limiting human error.

8. Wave


A wave is a perfect tool for the use of small teams and one man. You still have big invoicing needs even if you are running a small organization. These needs can be even greater because you need to grow your brand. The software combines receipt scanning, invoicing, and accounting into a once nice package. It has a straightforward dashboard for presenting all the essential information. Learning how to use Wave is not a hard job. It is free software that will help you in balancing your ledgers, send automated invoices, and expense and income tracking.

9. Brightpearl


Brightpearl is a sales software that can do any other thing. The retail management system integrates ekmPowershop, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, eBay, and Amazon hence giving your multiple channels for growing your business in. The system handles accounting, customer data, orders, and reporting all in one. It has a straightforward approach for invoice automation, tracking outgoing and incoming transactions via the above listed multiple sales channels.

10. CheckIssuing


This tool offers a reliable 3rd party document/check mailing and printing services that come with high fraud protection and security checks features that safeguard all your sensitive information. Envelopes have black security tine & tout security features like toner anchorage and chemical wash detection among others. It has an administration system that allows users to securely handle end to end invoicing. The tool allows you to personalize your checks by including the company notes, logos and other elements to reflect your brand. CheckIssuing offers a volume-based pricing system for printing services and is highly scalable.

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