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Video Marketing Will Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

Video Marketing Will Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

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Digital marketing, SEO, quality content, conversion rate and pay per click. If you are a digital marketer, you must be well familiar with all the above-stated words. If not, it’s high time that you acquaint yourself to them. Digital marketing is the present and the future.

It is taking over social media at a faster pace than expected. Like a couple of years ago, Oxford thought of the word ‘selfie’ worthy enough to be added to the dictionary. Similarly, universities have now started offering courses in digital marketing and even degrees.

All you need is a good internet connection like ones offered by Spectrum packages. And you are ready to embark on the journey towards being a digital marketer. Because one of the many and the most important things expected of a digital marketer is hi/her ability to stay connected to the world.

That being said, let’s throw some light on how video marketing (a branch of digital marketing) can help to boost a lead generation campaign:

Video Marketing Will Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

The sole purpose of a landing page is to increase the conversion rate. But this isn’t as easy a task as it may sound. You need to grab the attention of the viewer first. And that can only be done if you have something unique to offer. People are more likely to watch videos than read a lengthy text.

However, not every article is short in length. If you really want to captivate your viewers and direct them to read your article, indulge them in some good humor or interesting facts by uploading a video on the landing page. The main aim to add video on a landing page is to encourage or convince your viewers in a rather hidden yet fun manner to read what follows the video marketing.

If the short clip or a longer video gives the viewers, a sneak-peak into what the article/blog holds in a unique way, chances are they would end up reading the piece.

Adding videos to random pages on your website won’t do the job for you. Two of the best types of videos to add on the landing page are:

  • Call-to-action
  • Auto-redirect

Allow People to Relate:

Go against the tradition and add video testimonials. This will not just engage the viewers more but also help them to relate to the problem at hand on a more personal level. Text testimonials or pictures of a celebrity who praises your product is a thing of the past now.

These days, people like it if they can hear from the people. This helps them connect to the other person on a very different level. So, a better idea would be to demonstrate the use of your product in a video, show the results of using it over time, and tell the viewers how the product has helped you.

This will not only be interesting to watch but people will believe in the promise your product is making, as they will be able to view it for themselves.

Educate Thy Audience:

Another way to create lead generation is to add high-value content in your videos. A perfect example would be a webinar. Because the webinars themselves convey the whole message to the audience, they leave no space for an article to accompany it. Hence, you would have to add a gate to the webinar. A gate means that your viewers won’t be able to watch the video/webinar unless they fill their specific information.

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Chances are that they might get irritated and click away from your website page. Therefore, it is important that you convey the importance of the webinar to the audience/viewers elsewhere. They should get excited to watch it after reading about what it holds in for them. The ideal space for placing such prompting text would be on the website page right above the video. Make it attractive and catchy though.

Time is Money:

You should not forget that the viewers have loads of other things to do other than watching your videos. Hence, try keeping the length of your videos short. Not too short of course. An ideal length would be somewhere between 3 and 3.5 minutes. However, this length varies according to the level of engagement and the content that your video has to offer. But you should, in any case, avoid crossing the 5 minutes mark.

The length also matters because the attention span of human beings is not that long. And nobody appreciates the idea of watching a 15 min long video. In this age, people have access to smartphones and tablets; they hardly sit before the Television for extended periods of time. Under such a scenario, services like Spectrum TV select remain of no use.

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