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Do I Need to Consider Digital Marketing Differently?

Do I Need to Consider Digital Marketing Differently?

Digital Marketing

Marketing is about promoting and selling products and services. It includes market research and advertising. Digital marketing can to some extent be considered the same as if you had a high street shop because you will still need to discover your target market whether your customers are online visitors or visiting physical premises. The difference with online is that instead of attracting customers because of an attractive window display, you have to work hard to make those customers aware of your existence.  This is where digital marketing techniques are useful. Some techniques can be adopted in this area to give your business a fighting chance of being discovered online.

So, this article will consider digital marketing and how it works in giving businesses the edge.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that will optimize a business’s website so that search engines will organically generate for it un-paid traffic. The process results in a business featuring at the top of a search list for potential buyers and clients to see. The benefit of your business’s website ranking top, or in the top few entries of a search list, is significant. Your business will not only be found, but you will also see increased sales and your business grow to unprecedented levels.

Despite the internet being a global concern, SEO services from a Zürich Online Marketing Agentur or similar agency can help a business to target its local traffic. Customers appreciate being able to find their local businesses online when they could potentially be lost among a vast number of international traders, meaning greater delivery costs for a customer. The benefits of buying products or obtaining services locally are no different from how it always was. As a business, we just do not advertise them with bits of paper anymore, we promote ourselves online. It is where everyone who wants us is looking and expects to see us.

Pay Per Click:

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a digital marketing tool that will also increase traffic to a website by increasing its position in a search list. The difference is that it will cost a company each time a link is clicked on. The Pay Per Click results do, however, tend to appear above the SEO ones.



Writing interesting content and then having it linked to a website can generate indirect sales from those reading that interesting content. It is how search engines work. They thrive on linking interesting content and integrating it with social media. The more frequently searched the keywords contained within the article titles, the better.

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Return on Investment:

Digital marketing can be considered a type of investment. For a small fee paid to a digital marketing company, increased search rankings and therefore sales can be obtained for a business. The effect of the two approaches above can be measured to manage the increased traffic to a website and therefore the level of return on investment.

So, there are things that can be done differently when it is digital marketing as opposed to physical marketing. We have to think of the internet as an unconnected space that needs connecting up so that travelers can navigate their way to the website that they need.

In a world that is transferring from the high street to online at a faster rate than had previously been predicted, due to the pandemic, digital marketing is more important than ever. Those who are ignoring it are being left behind in business. If you want to be noticed as a business you cannot ignore the digital techniques that are being used by other companies to make it ahead of the rest. It will not be possible to fully convert your business from the high street to online without a thorough knowledge of digital marketing. Thankfully companies exist that can help you make the greatest use of these techniques and so become as competitive online as when you were solely on the high street.

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