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At “SNBNWESROOM”, We love and strongly believe that any form of informative and high-quality content is helpful to our readers. Please write the article that is exclusively focused on quality and related to “Small Business. Before you start writing the article for us, please follow up our previous articles, categories, and keywords to write a suitable article. We don’t want you to spend a lot of time writing an article that will not meet our guidelines. We value your time and want to ensure that the article you write will get published on this great platform.

Content Guidelines:

Below are the guidelines of Article, please follow these as well:

  1. The article should contain at least 600 Words. We are accepting any content that falls between 600-2000 words article. Please don’t submit an article that is more or less than these limits.
  2. Article should be 100% Unique and fresh. We value originality because originality is disastrous in the SEO world.
  3. All link will have no follow tag. If you need do follow tag, feel free to contact us.
  4. Article should be User friendly and Attractive.
  5. Make Article Title Attractive and Mention Focus Keyword in Title. Length (60-70 Character including space).
  6. Attach 150-160-character Meta Description on each article.
  7. Use LSI Keywords in all the Articles.
  8. Keyword Density should be maximum 2%.
  9. Use Focus keyword just one time in the body of the article.
  10. Use Heading and Adjust focus keywords in the headings.
  11. Adjust Keyword in 1st Paragraph or between the first 100 words.
  12. Add just 1 keyword in article that points to other pages (For Internal Linking Purpose).
  13. Add Meta Keywords where possible content.
  14. Check Heading (H1, H2, and H3), and write the paragraph according to headings, whatever you make heading but the words of headings should be in heading. Also, the heading you choose should be Attractive.
  15. Attach royalty free images along with the image sources.

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