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Top 3 Tips to Creating a Successful Marketing Flyer

Top 3 Tips to Creating a Successful Marketing Flyer

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So, you want to create a marketing flyer? Unfortunately, you can’t design a professional flyer all by yourself. It takes years-worth of digital art classes to build a flyer that even has a chance of persuading potential customers.

Or does it?

With the convenient digital tools that you can find online, almost anyone can design a beautiful flyer. And with the tips below, you can turn that gorgeous flyer into a money-making machine. Read on when you’re ready to build your very own effective trifold or brochure.

Send the Right Message

Send the Right Message

Let’s get right to the point: hire a professional copywriter. Does that word look familiar? Do you sometimes get it confused with a person who works with copyrights?

Though the words sound similar, they describe two distinctly different things. A copyright is an exclusive legal right given to the creator of a piece of visual or musical art. A copywriter is a person well versed in marketing, writing, and human psychology.

Copywriters are the folks who create the scripts that salespeople use when chatting with customers. They write the ads you see on billboards, in magazines, on web pages, and in flyer design around the world. They know how people think and understand which words you need to make those people take action.

Include a Call to Action

Include a Call to Action

There’s one element included in all marketing strategies. It’s the Call to Action, otherwise known as the CTA. In essence, a CTA tells a prospective customer what you’d like them to do next.

For instance, if you run a landscaping business, you might be passing out flyers to drum up new business. If that’s the case, you’ll want to include a CTA at the end of your flyer that says, “Call us for a free estimate, today!” If you own a small online retail store, you might instead say, “Visit our online website to get your free gift, today!”

These are the keys to an effective CTA:

  • Use simple language
  • Include the next step you want them to take
  • Place it at the end of your flyer
  • Make it stand out

Also, be sure to use personalized CTAs. Personalized flyer conversion rates are 202% better than generic CTAs.

K.I.S.S. That Marketing Flyer

K.I.S.S. That Marketing Flyer

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KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid! When you make a flyer, avoid the mistake most small business owners make by trying to include all the things that set their business apart from the competition. That’s great for your business’s website but ineffective for your advertising flyer.

Instead, think of your flyer as a teaser. In essence, it’s an advertisement that attracts potential customers. It’s the beginning of a conversation.

Yes, it should be a visually appealing flyer. Yes, it should be a well-written, accurately targeted flyer. And yes, it should be short.

What’s Next?

Remember, making your marketing flyer pretty is only the first step to creating an effective flyer. To persuade potential customers, you need to use the right words in the right order at the right time. You also need to learn how to trim the fat to produce a lean, mean, money-making machine.

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