Why The Combi Steam Oven Is Revolutionising Culinary Art

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In the past few years, we have noticed many new ideas and fashions in cooking. This area is always creative and enhanced, from the air fryer to the sous-vide machine. 

The combi oven also falls into this category, combining traditional cooking techniques with advanced technology. Hence, it makes the appliance flexible and productive. Moreover, these ovens have extra advantages when steam is used together with convection heat. 

They make food taste better, improve its texture, and can cook in a healthier way, too.  So, let us examine this inventive technology more closely and understand why it is gaining popularity in professional kitchens and among common households.

The Perfect Marriage Of Steam And Convection

Marriage Of Steam And Convection

What separates a combi oven from a gas oven? In essence, a combi steam oven combines the advantages of steam and convection cooking. 

Regular ovens depend only on dry heat. This method can sometimes result in uneven cooking and loss of moisture. Moreover, with them, particularly when handling fragile foods such as fish or vegetables.

However, steam ovens are different as they add dampness to the cooking procedure. They help to retain nutrients, improve taste, and maintain good texture.

Mix Steam With Convection Heat

Combi steam ovens mix steam with convection heat, giving you a good balance. The steam helps to keep food moist and soft. Additionally, a convection fan makes sure that heat is spread evenly in the oven for consistent cooking and browning of dishes. 

This double role offers many cooking choices. They include roasting meats or vegetables, baking bread, cakes, or cookies, steaming fish/seafood together with veggies like asparagus, etc.

You can also poach eggs delicately using this method and even cook sous vide style – it’s all possible! Moreover, if you’re looking to elevate your cooking techniques, be sure to discover combi ovens and their ability to seamlessly transition between roasting, baking, and steaming.

Enhanced Flavour And Nutritional Value

Combi steam ovens seal food’s taste and nutrients. Moreover, the delicate method of steam cooking helps ingredients hold their natural juices. However, it makes the meals more tasty and full-flavored. 

Be it a roast chicken, steamed veggies, or fresh loaf, the moist inside of a combi steam oven guarantees each mouthful is juicy with flavor.

Furthermore, steam cooking requires only a small amount of fats or oils (if any at all). This very cooking makes it a healthier option compared to conventional cooking methods. 

Foods cooked via combi-steam ovens maintain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hence, this is perfect for people who want to eat well but not compromise on taste. 

Versatility And Precision

Combi Steam Oven features

These machines have adjustable features. They keep a precise temperature, giving cooks the power to handle various kinds of recipes with assurance. 

Whether you’re slow cooking for a soft brisket, baking bread, or just want to get crispy french fries right, combi-steam ovens provide the flexibility for achieving professional quality results.

Combi steam ovens offer more features. They include humidity sensors, pre-set cooking modes, and simple touchscreen controls. Everyone can understand, from experienced cooks to those less skilled in the kitchen. With the help of a tap of a button, you can select the style of cooking you require.

Sustainability And Efficiency

In addition to the advantages as far as cooking, combi-steam ovens also provide a positive impact on the environment. 

As steam cooking requires relatively less heat, they are able to save power and help lower the total use of power, which results in reduced energy use. 

The mild process involved in steam cooking helps decrease waste by maintaining food items’ original state. It guarantees that every meal is both tasty and sustainable, safeguarding all its natural greatness.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Commercial Combi Steam Oven

Buying A Commercial Combi Steam Oven

It is crucial for a professional kitchen to carefully consider the advantages of any appliance or piece of equipment. This will help you make an educated choice that fits your particular needs and preferences. Here are the crucial things to consider: 

1. Capacity And Size:

Choose a combi steam oven that suits your kitchen and anticipated cooking volume. Consider how many trays or pans it can hold to match typical batch sizes, and also check the appliance’s physical measurements against your kitchen space for a perfect fit.

2. Cooking Modes And Flexibility: 

Search for a combi steam oven that has many cooking modes that match what you have on your menu. 

This can incorporate choices like steam cooking, convection cooking, baking, roasting meats (rotisserie function), grilling items directly under high heat from a top element or bottom one as well as other options. 

The more variety in the cooking modes, the better flexibility you can expect when preparing various kinds of dishes.

3. Control And Programming Features: 

You may consider choosing a combi steam oven where the controls and programming characteristics are easy to understand and use, especially if you don’t have a great deal of experience. 

Look for models that have simple interfaces, touchscreens with clear displays, as well as programmable recipes or presets. This will enable you to adjust temperature levels along with humidity and cooking time.

4. Temperature And Humidity Control: 

Verify that the combi steam oven provides exact temperature and humidity control to achieve uniform cooking outcomes. 

Moreover, look for ovens featuring changeable humidity levels and precise temperature detectors that consistently retain the preferred cooking environment while you cook.

5. Cleaning And Maintenance:

When picking a combi steam oven, you should think about how simple it is to clean and keep the unit well-maintained. 

Choose models that have self-cleaning functions, racks, or trays that can be taken out for cleaning purposes, as well as interior surfaces that are smooth and easy to wipe down. 

Also, make sure you meet the expected maintenance requirements and the availability of service and support.

6. Durability And Build Quality: 

Buy a combination of good quality to ensure that it will be up to the task in a commercial kitchen. We recommend choosing models with sturdy stainless steel, strong door hinges, and tough parts to ensure their reliability for many years.


As mentioned, combi-steam ovens are disrupting the culinary industry with their mix of innovation, flexibility, and effectiveness. 

If you’re a professional chef who wants to enhance your culinary skills or someone cooking at home desiring to broaden their range of recipes, a combi steam oven should be something you strongly consider. These units can help unlock new tastes and give you more flexibility in your cooking. 

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