Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Accounts Payable Automation

The Case for Accounts Payable Automation

Did you know that most enterprises have hundreds if not more application programs in which to manage? I mention this because it relates to how hard it is to automate business processes these days. Accounts payable departments in particular...
Information Management

6 Effective Ways Managers Use Information Management Program

Enterprises run information management programs to handle the people, processes, and technology at their organization. The information, whether in the physical or digital format, holds immense value for the corporation as it can be used for effective management as...
tracking software

Cell Phone Spy Software to Monitor Hidden Activity

Are you looking for spy software to track the hidden cell phone activities of someone else? There are countless monitoring and tracking software rightly available in the spy market to keep the cell phones of teenagers and workforces under...
Making Interviews

Making Interviews More Effective and Productive

Even to this day, interviews play a very important role in the hiring process. Yes, there are other methods like initial short-listing, group discussions, case studies, written tests, and so on to evaluate a candidate but in organizations around...