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Video Content & Its Role in the Marketing Funnel (Info-Graphic)

Marketing Tips 2 Mins Read June 27, 2023 Posted by Tom Hopkins

The power of video has been widely documented and it has been proven to have a massive influence over buying decisions. It isn?t too hard to imagine why so many people prefer video over blocks of text and more and more businesses are becoming aware of this. However, as this infographic from One Productions outlines, companies need to be very careful about what video content they produce for each stage of the buyer funnel.

The first thing any brand wants to do is make people aware of their company and this requires a special type of video. Many of you will remember the Jean Claude Van Damme advert with the Volvo Trucks that received a phenomenal reaction. This wasn?t trying to see trucks per se and was more of an attempt to get the brand into the public psyche.

The next stage of the funnel is the consideration stage and this requires a slightly different approach as at this stage customers have defined their needs and are looking at all the available options. Can your company make video content that makes customers choose you? Sometimes ?meet the team? videos can be very effective at this stage as it gives people a look into the everyday workings of your company.

At the bottom of the funnel comes the decision stage and these videos are for customers who are on the brink of making a purchase. For example, FAQ videos can be a great option at this stage just to clear up any lingering doubts the customer may have.

There are also some general tips on videos that are worth keeping in mind such as making the first 10 seconds count and focusing on the story of your brand rather than forcing too much sales-speak to down the throat of customers. Find out more about all things videos in the infographic below.

Video Content & Its Role in the Marketing Funnel(Info-graphic)


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