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How To Become Social Media Consultant? – A Step By Step Guide

How To Become Social Media Consultant? – A Step By Step Guide

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Social media is no longer a platform meant for entertainment alone, and becoming a social media consultant is an actual profession. However, even five years ago, social media consultant jobs were few, and there were hardly any institutions offering any courses on social media marketing. However, all that has undergone significant changes.

Today, more than 3.2 billion people are using social media, leaving brands and marketers no choice but to do everything possible to use social media platforms for engaging with their potential target audience – engaging with potential customers online is always considered a beneficial option for brands.

How To Become A Social Media Consultant?

Become A Social Media Consultant

Are you a social media addict who can never get enough social networking sites? What if there was a way to transform your addiction into a successful career option? Becoming a social media consultant is one of the career alternatives you must consider if you love spending time on unique media platforms keeping up with trends!

Scroll down and learn how to become a social media consultant and be successful at your job in 2022.

Step 1: Form A Portfolio And Publish Relevant Content

The best way to begin a consultancy business is by creating a good portfolio. Potential clients do not want to see anything but your past work. So, if you had a job before, showcase the work you did on your portfolio. If this is your first attempt at creating a career in social media, creating work samples and analyzing case studies would be a good decision.

As a social media consultant, you need to figure out how to stand out in a crowd and what’s better than content that displays your expertise in the field. Keeping this in mind, start publishing premium quantity and earn a few brownie points!

Step 2: Form A Network And Start Networking

They depend heavily on their networks for the successful execution of campaigns and, more importantly, clientele onboarding. Therefore, even if you are not in a position to work independently, we would suggest that you never leave out the opportunity to network with key people in your industry and share your skills with them.

It is common knowledge that building long-lasting relationships with people online takes a certain amount of time. So, what’s better than sharing your skillset and laying a foundation even before you launch your independent venture. When a professional acquaintance left his job to start independently, he was shocked to find that his network helped with so many leads.

Step 3: Create An Engaging Instagram Presence

As an aspiring social media consultant, creating an Instagram account and being consistent with your content is more important than making a website or even getting a logo designed – you must spend significant time crafting the perfect content plan and an effective strategy for boosting your brand image.

Additionally, focus on building a community that gives back value-based content like solutions or tips and tricks. For instance, even if you have no experience working independently, your content on social media can get your potential clients. Also, don’t forget to create a balance in your content strategy – a mix of both professional and personal.

Step 4: Timing Is Of Essence

The phrase ‘timing is of the essence’ literally holds for all social media jobs, especially for a social media consultant. Social media marketing might seem similar to conventional marketing approaches from time to time, but the most significant difference between the two has a lot to do with how fast social media demands marketers to be!

The whole point of going viral or even boosting individual post-performance on social media platforms has a lot to do with adhering to the timings. So if you miss that ideal time meant for posting, your chance of going viral might slip away even though you got everything else executed accurately.

Step 5: Focus On Generating Leads

Generating leads is perhaps the most essential part of any business and happens to be the most challenging part for anyone on the verge of starting their own business. As a new social media marketing consultant on the block, most of your attention should be towards generating more leads for your business since all leads do not necessarily result in conversions.

Naturally, as a result, you must focus on generating more leads and then converting those leads into actual clients. For instance, you can take the help of SEO and work towards getting features on Google’s first page – when people type, ‘social media consultant near me’, make sure your name or your agency’s name come up!

What Does A Social Media Consultant Do?

What Does Social Media Consultant Do

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Now that you know what social media consultants are and how to become one, you need some information on the job role of a social media consultant. Of course, there’s no point denying that brands initially wanted to use social media to boost public relationships by implementing crisis management policies, but that’s no longer the story.

The functions of a social media consultant are as follows,

  1. Crafting a social media strategy.
  2. Execute the processes involved in your strategy.
  3. Tracking how a campaign or even an individual post is performing.
  4. Analyzing relevant data and making reports based on analysis.
  5. Training team members to handle social media platforms with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) What Are The Six Steps To Starting A Social Media Consulting Business?

The six steps to starting a successful social media consulting business are as follows,

2) What Skills Do You Need To Be A Social Media Consultant?

As an aspiring consultant, you need the following skills

  • Expertise with analytical tools
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Knowing how social media optimization functions
  • Expert handling of social media platforms

3) How Much Do Social Media Consultants Make?

In the United States, a social media marketing consultant makes 27 every hour and 55,717 every year on average. Therefore, the average social media consultant salary could always be anywhere between 31,402 dollars to 70 853 dollars.


Social media is a constantly expanding industry, and becoming a social media consultant at such a time is perhaps one of the best career-related decisions you can take, especially if you feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to your career. As a potential social media marketing consultant, you can always start small and expand accordingly!

Thus, now that you are aware of a social media consultant’s job profile, if it seems enticing to you, perhaps there’s no point in delaying what is eventual. However, we suggest thorough research and enrolling in a few social media courses (plenty of alternatives available online) before you launch your venture.

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