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How To Start A Resume Service Business? – A Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Resume Service Business? – A Step By Step Guide

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As a writer with good communication skills, how do you feel about starting your resume service business? Think about it. Resumes hold the power to make or break your reputation in the job market today. In a digitally connected world, it’s difficult to stop news about your tarnished reputation from spreading like wildfire amongst the HR managers.

Thus, any job seeker would want their resumes to make a lasting impression on their potential employers. Additionally, the resume writing service business will not get affected by economic recessions or financial emergencies since people tend to look for jobs throughout the year, and recessions are better for your business.

Starting A Resume Service Business: An Overview

Resume Service Business

A Business2Community article claims that the on average human resource managers spend approximately 5 to 7 seconds on a resume. On top of that, while a whopping 76% of all resumes are rejected for informal email addresses, only 35% of job seekers are qualified for the positions they apply for.

A majority of resumes either list the standard skillsets and experience, or they try to achieve a unique approach, but you have to understand that both these approaches are not going to work. This is because your resume is your marketing tool via which you pitch yourself as a potential employee to the company you are interviewing for.

This is where your resume service business comes in. Since there are many people who might be perfect for the job role but get rejected because of unimpressive resumes – these are your clients. All you need to do is transform a boring CV into an appealing one, and your client might just end up landing the job, which is a win-win for both of you.

How To Start A Resume Service Business?

How To Start A Resume Service Business

Just like any other business, starting your own resume service business will also require you to plan practical steps like selecting a name for your company, planning your business structure, and getting hold of the required permits and licenses. It is important to note that even though logistics seem dull, one mistake in this section can cause many problems in the future.

Thus, you can quickly start your resume writing business by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Plan And Handle Your Logistics

Logistics are a pretty dull section of starting a resume service company but vital. If you are just beginning, it is safer to depend on the tried-and-tested freelance model – it gives you flexibility, lowers risk, and allows you plenty of control over your business.

Also, you can purchase a franchise of an already successful resume writing business since it is less risky than starting your own business. Additionally, you will also need to apply for a business license and other logistical details like initial investment costs, pricing your services and getting a website made.

Step 2: Make Your Portfolio

In service-based businesses, clients always ask for a portfolio that showcases the work done by the business in its career. Without customer service resume examples, why would any potential candidate applying for customer service even opt for your writing services? There are two ways to go about this.

Either you can showcase the resumes you have written before, provided you have permission from the owners, or you can also create examples for clients to choose from. For example, you can create a customer service skills resume or mockup for someone looking for a job in the customer service industry.

Step 3: Market Your Business And Focus On Growth

Once you have handled the logistics and created an impressive portfolio, the success of your resume service business depends upon your marketing skills. Start by creating your website and move towards advertising on social media quickly. You could also begin a blog where you can advise on resume-related topics.

Professional growth is a crucial aspect of your business, especially if you own a writing business. Trends can come and go but keeping up with them is essential. As a resume writer, you must keep track of market expectations and even what’s no longer trending – you don’t want to produce archaic resumes after all!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) How Do I Start My Own Resume Business?

If you plan to start your resume writing service, you need an excellent plan to go about it. Of course, preparing the legal and financial side of things is a crucial aspect, but sharpening your skills and getting hold of clients are your foundations for success.

2) How Do I Sell My Resume Writing Services?

Suppose you want to sell your resume service to people successfully. In that case, you need to heavily depend on advertising your services to an accurate target audience – use business cards, social media, and word-of-the-mouth marketing for promoting your service.

3) Is Resume Writing A Good Business?

Yes, resume writing can become a good business, especially for those with developed writing skills and expertise in human resources. The best part? You don’t need to worry about recessions because people will always look for jobs, even more so during recessions.

4) How Do Resume Writing Services Work?

Simply put, resume writers do not write resumes, maybe initially but not always. Instead, a resume builder provides clients with templates where clients are required to enter their personal, academic, and work history details. Then, based on this information, the builder creates a resume.


Starting a resume service business is a great idea. Although there’s plenty of competition in the market, the sheer flexibility, and the low initial investments, are encouraging factors. In addition to that, you don’t require any certification or training for succeeding in this career – writing and communication with a background in HR is enough!

Launching a resume service business can open new avenues for you. Once you start writing resumes regularly, you will know how to present any potential candidate in the best way, how to answer in an interview, and even some career coaching consultancy. Thus, there are several opportunities for expansion if you can successfully run a resume writing business.

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