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What Makes A Great Lawyer: 5 Critical Elements That Experts Point To

What Makes A Great Lawyer: 5 Critical Elements That Experts Point To

Great Lawyer

We always talk about different lawyers and how some of them have left a good impression on you. Have you ever thought about why only a handful of lawyers have a good reputation in the industry? No, it isn’t about how many cases they have won; it is more personal than that.

A good lawyer is always ready to take responsibility for the clients and consider their case as their own (as well as knowing how to get clients as an attorney in the first place!). The lawyer’s profession is all about dealing with the case and helps the judge deliver the right judgment.

While looking for a lawyer, you can get many that perfectly fit your needs. However, you cannot select all of them to take up your case.

With the rigorous questionnaire sessions with many of our clients, this is what we have concluded.

List Of Qualities That Makes A Good Lawyer:

We are living in an ear where technology, digital tools and software are playing a major role. The best law firms are using leading legal talent management software to help not only recruit the best lawyers, but also allocate work processes, share information and get updates on developments. This has allowed leading lawyers and law firms to improve efficiency, streamline legal processes and boost productivity.

When it comes down to the selection process, the clients always look for lawyers who are good at handling the cases and have a good personality.

Here we have enlisted down some of the qualities that clients look for in a lawyer.

1. Decision-Making Skills-

Being a lawyer, decision making skill is a mandatory skill. Even if you lack this skill, it is hammered into you during training for lawyers. Decision-making is all about understanding the current case standing and the information at hand and then coming with a tailor-made solution.

You can judge a good lawyer by seeing their decision-making skills and how they analyze the whole situation. A good lawyer will understand the case standing and come with logical solutions based on assumptions made by reasonable calculations.

2. Communication Skills-

2. Communication Skills-

Communication skills dictate the flower of the case. If you are hiring a lawyer, you must see how smooth he/she is with the communication. This skill allows the lawyers to present the case in front of the judges in a more effective and persuasive manner.

The courtroom is a war of words; you need to have enough efficiency with your words that it makes the opposition think. A good sentence place with selective words can be persuasive than an argument with misspelled words.

Lawyers who lack communication skills always fall short on the confident side and cannot strongly represent your case.

3. Logical Thinking Ability-

The lawyers need to be logical enough with their words to bring an end to the arguments following the justifiableness. You mustn’t forget that although the other party will do whatever it takes to win the case, they cannot overcome reasonable justification or nullify justifiable explanations.

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If a lawyer looks at the case in a more logical sense, they will have more alternatives to win the lawsuit.

4. Enquiring Skills-

A good lawyer needs to have the capacity to understand the cases to the fullest and analyze things at lightning speed to counter back with an inquiry. This skill will define how good the prospective lawyer is at finding loopholes.

A lawyer needs to be good at inquiring and analyzing the appropriate provision that can be used or implied in a particular case, such as a personal injury case. To know more, visit a personal injury attorney in springfield mo.

5. Good Listener-

We have seen lawyers who hardly listen to what the clients have to say; they just emphasize the brief details and start building a case with that little information. This kind of activity can cost your case.

A good lawyer has excellent listening skills. Before uttering a word, they listen to the whole thing that the client has to say. This way, they know the current status of the case and the procedures they need to follow.

6- Empathy and Sensitivity-

A good lawyer needs to also be human enough to understand and relate to the sufferings and problems of their clients. For example, a divorce lawyer that is in the middle of a bitter custody battle should have more information on child custody in Missouri along with understanding the sensitivity associated with the case. Empathy combined with the above-mentioned points can go a long way in making a lawyer and his practice complete. This is different from being emotional in a legal case. Being empathetic is a strong suit that can help in a client selecting you from other lawyers that are available.


Choosing great lawyers is important as they have the capability to change the course of the case. While you are out there, you can add these skills to your checklist to get hold of the best lawyer to represent your case.

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