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10 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Start-ups

Marketing Tips 6 Mins Read October 27, 2020 Posted by Mashum Mollah

Being a start-up is never easy in an industry characterized by the fast pace and ever-changing technology. small business entities often feel restrained by lack of budget and resources, an area where big players clearly have an advantage and you must know all the marketing ideas.

This, however, is not the end of the road as there are innovative ways to market a business and seize the initiative in the competitive market.  

Even start-ups can benefit from great marketing ideas and take steps to compete in the industry. Whether a business is in the online sphere or off-line domain, it can always benefit from good ideas and realize its true potential in the market. 

Here are some killer marketing ideas for small business start-ups 

1. Reach out locally 

Being an online business does not mean you should not reach out locally. If you did not do that, how can the visibility of your business improve at the grass-root level? 

 It?s the local audience that matters more than anything else Reaching out to them is key to gaining big in the industry. Offline promotion is equally important as it?s where the prospects are generated.  

You can take cost-effective steps to reach out locally. This will help you to start-up has a firm footing in the market from where it seeks prospects. You can invest in any initiative that grabs attention locally so that the visibility of the business improves there. 

2. Seek referrals 

No matter how big or small your business, the benefits of referrals are hard to miss for anyone. For start-ups, referrals can work wonders when the budget for advertising is not there.  

Plus, it does not cost a lot in letting the customers market for you. More importantly, the utility of referrals and recommendations continues to grow as people in today?s time trust the words 

 You can set up referral programs in an affordable manner. These programs may even give customers offers or discounts or gifts in exchange for a reference. You can also offer cash rewards in order to get good referrals which eventually can help your business grow. 

3. Benefit from content marketing ideas

content marketing

The power reach and clout of content can easily be utilized by any business, whether small or big. As a start-up, you can look to invest in the creation of quality content. This is because your target audience can be catered with the right information about products or services.  

You can run a blog, write in detail about the business, clear doubts and this will help boost visibility. There are content publishing platforms and social networks where the content can be submitted, shared to help improve brand-building effort.  

A start-up can even hire a team for content marketing and latch onto a great content marketing initiative. This will help in brand building and promotion purposes. 

4. Use SEO and boost search engine visibility 


SEO or search engine optimization continues to be the most affordable marketing technique for businesses across industries. The best thing, all types of brands, whether small or big, use the power of optimization 

When they do they witness a great transformation to their rankings and visibility in search engine result pages.?SEO is the only marketing?method that delivers exceptional results in a cost-effective manner.  

It ensures a great ROI and even can give a huge boost to the conversion. When your website, business and products or services are optimized, they start getting more visible in the online world. Due to this potential customers start finding them easily in their searches. 

5. Benefit from social media 

social media

Over the years, social media has become one of the most beneficial marketing avenues for brands small and big alike. Some networks have a user base going into millions and they greatly help when it comes to expanding brand exposure and brand visibility.  

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are being used for marketing and promotion purposes. They deliver exceptional results as well.  

Any business can create a profile on these platforms and then hope to enlarge their presence a lot in the digital world. More so, social media ads can also be used to drive visibility and conversion of the business and achieve great results with marketing. 

6. Network with industry partners 

Networking is key to success in any industry and event management is no different. If you run an?event agency, you should look to partner with players in the industry. The partners will have multiplied effects on your products.   

Rather than fueling competition, it?s better to work together and cater to the audience in the best way possible. A partnership can be sought in sharing technology, it sharing or pooling resources to let customers benefit from the power of more.  

You can network your way to success and help add a new dimension to event hosting. This is how success is achieved in the market even when resources are not there. 

7. Create instructional videos 

Video content has been proven to be a great way of marketing ideas for your business. If you are just getting into the business then instructional videos will work for you. You can use the videos to describe to your potential clients your business. 

If some of the products you offer require some procedures to use you can also do that in the video. You can give your potential clients some insights on how to use the products. 

However, you have to make sure that you come with videos that will capture the attention of your clients. At this stage in business, you have to make sure you stick to precision. Avoid anything that will show some lack of seriousness. 

For instance, do not dwell so much on something that appears to be irrelevant. This way your audience will get bored and you will lose out in terms of business.  Try and frame your videos in the most appealing way possible. 

8. Try out content recycling 


There are chances the content that worked for you one or two months ago might still work for you now. All you need to do is to carefully bring it back to life. If you are not an expert in this you can hire some experts to help you out. 

In some cases, even the old content might just be useful to you in its initial form. You only need to consider a few things. However, you have to be careful when carrying out this exercise. Sometimes when you don?t do it in the right way it might end up backfiring. 

It is always recommended to make good use of experts on this, you can ask them for some guidance on the same issue. 

9. Timely posts 

You might the rest post but post at the wrong time. This might translate to the wrong results. It is very important for you to be conscious of the timing of your content. You have to make sure you post content at the right time only. 

For instance, if you are launching a new product it is vital for you to post anything related to the product at that time.  This way, it will be much easier for you to capture the attention of your prospective clients perfectly. 

In any case of any developments, you need to make sure you post content regarding them on time. Do not wait until it is too late. Remember you are in a business where there is competition. You need to make use of every minute. 

Try and do anything that will enable you to stay ahead of the pack at all times. Timely posts will also help you to stay ahead in business. This way your clients will regard you as someone who cares for them. 

 If you carry on with such posts you might become a darling of the clients this will help you to establish yourself properly in the business. 

10. Create industrial partnerships 

This is also another proven way of marketing your business entirely. You can team up with another business for some joint projects.  There are so many ways by which you can do this. This is one of the best marketing ideas for your business.

For instance, you can engage in joint projects with your partners in the business. This will help you to introduce yourself to a whole new pack of audiences. 


The above-mentioned factors are some of the small marketing ideas that you can use for your start-up business.  Consider them keenly and you will surely find it easy in the business. You will be sure of taking your business startup to the next level within the shortest time.  

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