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Alternatives To xResolver: Safer Ways To Protect Your Online Identity

Alternatives To xResolver: Safer Ways To Protect Your Online Identity

Alternatives to xResolver

xResolver is an online database that stores the Gamertags and IP addresses of different online gamers. The website platform gets access to these IP addresses from the players’ usernames. The ‘x’ in xResolver stands for the Xbox console, and hence it gets the tags and addresses from Xbox. However, it also works with other gaming consoles as well.

In this article, we will discuss mainly what does xResolver do, and what are the major alternative platforms of xResolver. On these platforms as well, you can get access to gaming IPs, as well as Gamertags. Furthermore, you will also have a variety of options to protect your online identity while gaming. Hence, to learn more about them, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is xResolver?

What Is xResolver

According to, a tech-based blogging website, the xResolver platform “records the Gamertags and IP addresses of the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players. xResolver has been designed specifically to preserve the username and Gamertag from the hackers online. The primary goal of xResolver is to carry conversions of Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses.”

In the xResolver platform, you will also get a tool called Xbox Resolver, which uses bots to scrap data from the Xbox online database. These data include the gamertags and usernames of the Xbox players, their ISP addresses, as well as IP addresses.

The platform stores the data that is publicly available about the Xbox gamers’ IP addresses, as well as their association with their own Gamertags. Since the information is available on public portals, hence it is not actually illegal to store those publicly available data somewhere. However, in some locations, this is considered illegal.

The problem with the website occurs when there are people who use the IP addresses of Xbox gamers for malicious means. In some cases, they also want to match the IP addresses with their profiles without any good intentions. This is mostly done for fraudulent jobs and hacking.

The Problem With xResolver

The problem With xResolver

As already discussed, xResolver shows gamer IDs, locations, usernames, and IP addresses of other gamers. These data can be used by an opponent gamer for controversial purposes. There are many gamers that are honest, and those are the ones who consider xResolver as offensive and illegal, as it puts the personal data of gamers on publicity.

However, the platform is created not for illegal work but with a positive agenda and contains a lot of features that are helpful for certain gamers as well.

Features Of xResolver

Features Of xResolver

Basically, with the help of xResolver, you can access someone’s IP, Gamertag, username, as well as location. To learn about the features in detail, read along. The following are the major features of xResolver that you must know of:

1. With the help of the Geo IP feature, one can check the geographical location of other gamers. This feature can be accessed from the ISP.

2. There are many features available for Xbox and PlayStation gamers that allow gamers to change their unique and secure IP addresses.

3. You can access the IP address of gamers with the help of an IP logger. If you are a registered user on xResolver, you can create a custom link and send that link to another person to find make out an IP address. Furthermore, there are many premium features as well.

4. Suppose you are a gamer, and you find your IP address on the website platform. Then you will have the right to remove the address from the xResolver database. You can do that from the “Remove Data” section, as you can blacklist your IP address, username, location, and other necessary details.

xResolver Alternatives

xResolver Alternatives

The following are some of the best alternatives of xResolver that you can find easily on the internet:

1. OctoSniff

You can “Optimize Your Game Connection” and “Increase Wins” with this amazing xResolver alternative. It comes with a variety of features that allows you simple setup and easy installation. Plus, it offers you tutorials as well on how to access Ips.

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2. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Just like xResolver, this platform lets you pull or extract IP addresses, locations from both Xbox and PSN. With the help of this, you can easily get the IP address by using the gamertag of your opponent. You can access the platform fully free.

3. Console Sniffer writes about this platform – “Console Sniffer is a network research and monitor tool that works for all the consoles. It lets you see the IP address and username of the people you are competing with in the gameplay.” The best thing about this platform is that it is also compatible with VPNs, but on the downside, it only works with Windows systems.

4. Xbox Booter

This is also one of the best options and one of the best alternatives of xResolver as the IP finder, IP booter, and retriever of IP for the ones you use, Xbox only. This IP puller helps you to get data from the Xbox console of the gamer, even offline. It also does not store data but lets you extract it.

5. Cakes

This platform offers you to get access to Xbox XUID, and you get the XUIDs using the Gamertag of your gaming opponent. One thing to note here is that it does not store any XUIDs and gamertags and only lets you extract them from a third-party source. Once you enter the Gamertag, just hit the ‘Resolve’ button to get XUID.

6. Psycho Coding

The best thing about Psycho Coding is that it offers you the Xbox Live data search database. On the platform, you will get LANC, PCPS, and some other Xbox tools as well. Apart from that, you will also be able to explore the gamer data of Xbox. Furthermore, you will also get VPN for seven different locations.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you to understand xResolver better and get to learn of the best alternatives of the platform. However, you will need to consider that getting someone’s data from the internet without permission is somewhat illegal. Hence, use those platforms carefully, with the use of VPNs.

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