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Top Winter Gadgets For The Tech Savvy Entrepreneur To Use This Season

Featured 5 Mins Read November 6, 2020 Posted by Arina Smith

Imagine you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to protect yourself from the biting cold, which is dawning upon us. You want to ensure that you do not fall ill, continue performing at high levels, and look cool in the process.

Ten years back, business owners and entrepreneurs did not have much in way of gadgets to help them deal with the winter season. Cut to 2020, and there are a phenomenal number of brands, products, and gadgets to address every winter requirement.

Whether you want hand warmers, which are controlled by an app, or a cool heating station controlled by Bluetooth, we bring you the top winter gadgets you can try.

Top Winter Tech for Entrepreneurs to try this Winter Season

1. Infrared Space Heaters-

Smart heaters are gaining in popularity not only because they are much more convenient, but also because they are energy-efficient, less cumbersome, and can run on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or through an App. If you are an entrepreneur who likes to have great conversation pieces in your office or in your home you can always go for some great infrared space heaters. These gadgets run on electricity and can save you from inhaling toxic residue, which emanates from chimneys.

2. Heated Mouse and Pads-

Work is worship and you would not want the harsh cold interfering with the same at any cost. Many reputable companies are now coming up with heated mouse and mousepads to ensure that the work does not suffer because of the cold. As an entrepreneur, you are on your laptop or desktop most of the time. By using a heated mouse, you can ensure that your hands stay properly heated and functional even when the outside is experiencing sub-zero temperatures.

3. Heated Jackets-

Care for an electronically controlled heated jacket created by MIT students? One of the coolest new winter techs is undoubtedly the Bluetooth controlled winter jacket. There are heating elements, which are inbuilt into the jacket and can allow you to walk in comfort. What?s more, you can even use Alexa to regulate the temperature or turn it off completely. This also makes for a wonderful gifting option during the holiday season.

4. App-Controlled Coffee and Tea Mug-

We all know how most entrepreneurs love their caffeine. If working long hours is your thing then you would definitely like to be boosted by caffeine at appropriate times. A new development to help you is the app-controlled, temperature-regulated smart coffee and tea mug. A small screen shows the temperature of the liquid inside and allows you to monitor the same. According to some entrepreneurs, this is a must-have piece of gadget for the winters.

5. Music Beanies and Touch Gloves-

How many times have we had to remove our gloves in the harsh winters to send a WhatsApp message or type in our ATM PIN? Luckily, entrepreneurs do not have to do that anymore. Some companies have ensured that entrepreneurs continue with their access to music in Bluetooth-enabled beanies! There are some companies that have also made winter gloves, which are touch-sensitive and work perfectly on iPads, cell phone screens, and Kindle!

6. Pocket Warmers-

We all know and have experienced how our hands feel during biting cold conditions. We have all been there and done that- rubbing hands, blowing mouth air, etc. to reduce numbness. Thankfully, in 2020, entrepreneurs do not have to rub or blow hot air into their hands because of smart app-controlled pocket warmers. All you need to do is place your hands in your pockets and ensure that the pocket warmers heat them. This also helps keep your legs warm to an extent.

7. Electrically Adjusted Foot Warmers-

Sitting long hours at your desk in wintery conditions can take their toll on your feet. The warm woolen socks might stop working with temperatures dip below sub-zero levels. This is where entrepreneurs can take help from the cozy foot warmers, which are now adjustable from your phone screen. This will keep your feet happy and warm and allow you to work long hours at your desk. In fact, this will also help improve blood flow in your body according to doctors.

Why Entrepreneurs should look to start using Winter Tech?

A business head, owner, or entrepreneur needs to set certain standards for their life. In this section, we will look at some reasons to show why entrepreneurs should use winter gadgets

  • Improving Productivity Levels-

Entrepreneurs are multi-skilled hard-working individuals. It is important that they do not let anything interfere with their productivity. Winter tech as mentioned in the article can help them improve efficiency, cut down on winter fatigue, and allow them to boost productivity levels.

  • Patronage of Tech Start-Ups-

As an entrepreneur, everyone realizes how difficult it is to get a new and exciting business up and running. Using products from the companies of fellow entrepreneurs can help them grow their businesses, improve innovations, and create a sustainable business eco-system.

  • Great Conversation Pieces-

If you are a successful entrepreneur you are always moving in important business circles. Using and showcasing your affinity to the latest tech can be a great conversation starter. It can also show your prowess as someone who likes using technology on an advanced level in life.

  • Creating a Better Life-

All the gadgets mentioned in the article are very useful and functional. By using them, you are also doing a great service to your own body. You will be healthy, stay away from infections, and other cold-related illnesses. Technology helps in improving daily health during winters.

The Final Word

Every piece of technology, which has been mentioned in the article is very useful for daily use. More importantly, none of them are unwieldy or cumbersome or require a lot of energy needs. All of them can be controlled through a smartphone, either as an app or through the Bluetooth function. What is your favorite piece of winter tech from the list of gadgets, which have been mentioned in the article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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