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Catch The Winning Wave With ACE Money Transfer’s Exclusive Iphone 14 Plus And Honda Click 160 Giveaway.

Catch The Winning Wave With ACE Money Transfer’s Exclusive Iphone 14 Plus And Honda Click 160 Giveaway.

ACE Money

The dreams, aspirations, and sacrifices that prompt people to emigrate abroad are acknowledged by ACE Money Transfer as it celebrates the Filipino community. Through an exclusive campaign, the company hopes to honour its customers’ efforts to support their families and realise their goals while making the remittance process easy and rewarding.

Catch the winning wave alongside ACE! By using fee-free transfers, you can win an iPhone 14 Plus or let your loved ones win a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle. They provide a reliable and practical way to send money to the Philippines at ACE Money Transfer in addition to providing ZERO-fee money transfers and opportunities to win massive rewards. In this journey of development, success, and support for your loved ones, let ACE be your reliable partner.

About The New Campaign Of ACE Money Transfer For Filipinos

With ACE Money Transfer’s exclusive three-month campaign, prepare to ride the wave of success! Filipino customers will have an exciting opportunity to win big from June 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023. Get ready for the opportunity to win the highly sought-after iPhone 14 Plus or even a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle, all courtesy of ACE Money Transfer.

ACE provides a red-carpet welcome and a fantastic prize for remittance senders and recipients in this exciting campaign. The best part of this campaign is no fees associated with any transfers! Sending money to loved ones is fee-free with ACE Money Transfer, making it the best option for all your financial needs.

However, the thrills don’t stop there. With 09 iPhone 14 Plus mobiles up for grabs, ACE Money Transfer significantly increases the prize pool. Think about being among the select few to possess the newest, most innovative smartphone that raises the bar for innovation, design, and technology.

How Helpful Is Remittance For Filipinos?

The Philippines’ economy continues to be strongly reliant on remittances, which will account for 9.6% of GDP in 2020. However, the West has seen a shift in the geographic concentration of workers sending money home. The majority of remittances to the Philippines in 2020 came from Filipino Americans.

Remittances from Gulf workers have decreased significantly since their 2015 peak, by as much as 36%. According to Osborne, assisting families with their financial needs is a great benefit. Filipinos frequently use various online services and bank-to-bank transfers to send a monthly allowance to their families who reside in the Philippines.

Reasons Why Filipinos Go Abroad For Work?

Filipinos go abroad to work and earn for their families for various reasons. Filipino expats are always looking to save money so that they can fulfil the needs of their loved ones. ACE Money Transfer understands its Filipino customer’s needs and offers Fee free transactions with exciting prizes. ACE always strive to help its customers in every best way possible. Let’s read ahead some reasons why Filipinos move abroad for work.

1. Economic Benefits

The search for better economic opportunities is one of the main factors that drive Filipinos to relocate abroad. In nations with strong economies, many people are looking for better-paying jobs and career opportunities. They can support their families back home and increase their income by working abroad, aiming for a higher standard of living.

2. Gaining Professional and Personal Growth

Filipinos have the chance to advance both personally and professionally by moving abroad. It exposes them to various cultures, concepts, and experiences, broadening their horizons and encouraging personal growth. They can also develop their professional skills by residing and working in various environments, increasing their competitiveness in the global job market.

3. Financial Security

Filipinos find more excellent financial stability when they relocate abroad. In addition to benefiting from stronger economies and stable currencies in their destination countries, they can flee economic uncertainty. This stability enables them to invest in the future, save more money, and ensure a better financial future for themselves and their families.

4. Help to Families

Family is essential in Filipino culture; many people leave their country to help support their loved ones. They can help their families financially by paying for their education and medical care and bettering living conditions by working abroad and sending money home. Remittances act as a lifeline for their loved ones, ensuring a higher standard of living and a more promising future.

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5. Improvement of Education and Skills

Access to top-notch education and opportunities for skill development is another common reason people relocate abroad. The importance of earning advanced degrees or specialised skills to improve career prospects is understood by Filipinos, who place a high value on education. Leaving their home country gives them access to prestigious educational institutions and training programmes that might not be accessible there.

6. Embracing The Understanding Of New Cultures

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” would not work in this situation and would be labelled as “easier said than done.” In particular, if you’re an OFW with a distinctive and rich culture, adjusting to a new country’s cultural and traditional norms while maintaining your identity has always been difficult for immigrants. Despite these obstacles, OFWs are crucial to the Philippine economy by sending money home to support their families.

ACE created this campaign to thank its Filipino customers and give back to the neighbourhood that has helped them over the years. According to ACE, your remittance experience should be exciting, rewarding, convenient and secure. A transaction with ACE Money Transfer is more than just a transaction; it’s an opportunity to ride the winning wave and start an exciting journey.

As a result, don’t pass up this fantastic chance! Send funds through ACE Money Transfer during this campaign, and you might be selected as one of the winners of an iPhone 14 Plus or be the sender who gets to choose a loved one to receive a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorbike. Click Here to read the terms and conditions to understand the campaign better.

Bottom Line

ACE Money Transfer, which offers remittance services to more than 100 receiving nations, combines all of the qualities above and is the best option for OFWs looking to send money abroad. So send money using ACE and become a member of the ACE family.

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