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Which Resource Management Task Deploys Or Activates Personnel And Resources?

Which Resource Management Task Deploys Or Activates Personnel And Resources?

Question: Which Resource Management Task Deploys Or Activates Personnel And Resources?

The four options for the questions are:

  1. Mobilize
  2. Identify Requirements
  3. Track and Report
  4. Order and Acquire

Answer: 1. Mobilize

Mobilize resource management tasks deployed or activities personnel and resources. This is the only right answer to the question. The other three options are not the correct options for the questions.

When you want to reach your goals, the best way is to straight lead from resource management. When you get the plans, you want to use your resources, but every resource is not coming free of cost. The more you use the resources, Your target-reaching costs are going to increase. So which resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources? Along with the different categories of business goals, your resource management is going to be different.

Individual resources management has individual targets and goals. So first, let’s see appropriate explanations for the question of which resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources?


The mobilization is a resource management task that activates personnel resources. In the events, they are getting noticed through establishing the channels, mobilizations and other resources begin. These resource management tasks are entirely operated by the human resource managers who are responsible for the labor and resources during any incidents.

Human resources managers are responsible for different types of resources distributions and deployments. And the mobilizations are offering the options to perform the deployments and resetting the employees. 

Depending upon your requirements and the resource types, the distributions are performing. So if you are planning to do something, especially when dealing with human resources management, this mobilization option is the only savior for you and helps you to distribute the resource. Now let’s see what resource management is.

What Is Resource Management?

What Is Resource Management

Resource management is a process by which the organizations plan and schedule the employee work for forces. The target of resource management is to minimize the cost of the productions.

All the required items are supplied by the resource management. But the difference is this job is to do within a very small amount of budget. But you will reach your target for the goals of the product, but your cost is going to be minimum as the spending is less, your profit margins are going to be higher.

For developing anything, you need first to develop a goal and the goal-reaching business planning. Then you are going to need successful resource management planning. Because without solid resources management planning, you can reach up to your business target.

Now let’s see what the advantages of resource management are.

5 Advantages Of Resource Management

Resource Management Lifecycle

Your resource management is not easy or a hard task. When you are aware of your requirements and the necessity of your goals, you can easily do resource management. The mobilization options are the most valuable part. The human resource managers can allocate the resources based on the emergency or any type of emergency requirements.

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Here are the five advantages of resource management.

1. Build The Clarity

Your resources allocations and the individual job responsibilities are becoming clearer. You will know the maximum capacity of the organizations, and you are also going to know how much resources you have to give to complete the projects. This type of clarity is a great help for resource management for future projects.

2. Calculate The Efficiency

From one utilization, you will know how your resources are performing. And how much time you have to give to reach up to the targeting goals. The main thing with resource management is you can count the resources utilizations and the power of the resource with the correct allocations.

3. Avoid The Sudden Errors

You may be preparing your system to find the errors. But troubleshooting is required every time. With the troubleshooting method, you will know how to handle the situations. And what types of precautions you have to take to avoid sudden errors.

4. Safety Net

Resource planning is not only helping you to understand your current requirements. Along with the present requirements, you will understand how to cover the potential threats. And when you are aware of the limitation of your resources, your total fault chances will be significantly less. Therefore, your security is also going to increase.

5. Right Resource Allocations

Right resource allocations are entirely depending upon your resource management system. Most organizations are dealing with two types of resources: one is temporary, and the other is permanent. Both of the resources have different targets and limitations. With the right resources management, you will know where to allocate the resources, which will decrease the failure chances.

Wrapping It Up:

You know the mobilizations options are the answer for which resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources?. When the management of your resources is entirely capable of mobilizing and the employee deployments, you can overcome sudden errors and minimize the chances of future project failures. So what is your planning? What types of resources management strategies are you following? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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