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What Does Bump Mean On Facebook?

What Does Bump Mean On Facebook?

what does bump mean on Facebook

Social media is a huge place, and with all the different social media platforms that are available on the internet, people across the world are getting connected at a very fast rate.

With all the posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, it is easy for posts to get unnoticed. So what to do when this happens?

This is when you need to BUMP it.

Heard the phrase “bump a post” before? If not, then it is time that we talk about it. What does bump mean on Facebook? Keep reading the article to learn more about this word…

Bump On Facebook: What’s That?

Bump On Facebook

When you scroll through your Facebook account, you must have encountered some of your favorite Facebook groups being bombarded with the comment Bump. Just this word and nothing else.

It can appear on the same post multiple times or even on multiple posts. So, what does bump mean on Facebook? What happens when you BUMP a post?

When this happens, it means that the group members want the post to appear at the top.

Traditionally, or literally, the meaning of the word ‘bump’ is related to knocking or running into someone or something. However, it can also mean nodules or tumors when related to the body and medical science.

While the meaning of the word ‘Bump’ is different in different situations, the word has something specific when it comes to social media platforms.

Be it on Facebook or any other social media platform, the meaning of the word ‘bump’ is to push a post to make it more noticeable to other Facebook group members. The word is an acronym for the phrase “Bring Up My Post.”

In other words, when the members of a Facebook page want a post to perform well, they can comment with the word ‘BUMP’ in the comments section of the particular post.

This will ensure that the post is pushed to the top of the page and is hopefully noticed or seen by as many people as possible.

Bumping a post is more like promoting the post, but organically without paying for anything.

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When To BUMP?

When To BUMP

If you have found the answer to ‘what does bump mean on Facebook’ it is now time to know when you should BUMP a post.

When the members of a Facebook page see that a post has something important to bring to the notice of the people, they can use the word BUMP in the comment section.

If the post has something important to bring to notice, or if it is trying to raise awareness of something happening to the world, the group members can comment ‘Bump’ on the post. This will increase its engagement.

By ‘bumping’ a post, the Facebook algorithm pushes the post and makes it appear on the feed of other users.

If you have a group or page on Facebook and are planning to update the rules and regulations of the page, you must consider availing the power of the word ‘bump’ on your post.

By bumping a post, you ensure that the post (be it about the announcements or awareness) appears on the users’ feed.

If you are a member of a Facebook page, you need to keep something in mind. First, you do not need to ‘bump’ a post unless the person who has made the post is asking for a bump.

However, an unasked bump is never harmful. If you, as a member of the group, feel like a post needs to reach people and that people may benefit from the post, you can go ahead with “bumping” it up!

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When Should You Bump A Post On Facebook?   

There are several reasons to bump a post on Facebook. You must get through the details to get a complete idea about it. There are certain scenarios when you must BUMP a post. Some of the common case scenarios you should follow are these:-   

1. No Response Or Low Enagagement   

If your post has received no responses or very few interactions (likes, comments, shares, etc.) and you still believe it’s relevant and valuable, consider bumping it after a reasonable period (e.g., 24 hours to a few days) to give it a second chance for visibility.

2. New Information Or Update   

If you have new information, updates, or developments related to the original post, it’s a valid reason to bump it. Ensure that the new information adds value to the discussion.

3. Having A Relevance To Current Events   

If your post becomes relevant again due to current events, trends, or discussions in the community, it can be a good time to bump it with a relevant comment or update.

4. Highlighting Important Announcements   

Important announcements or information that needs ongoing attention may be bumped periodically to ensure that all members of the community are aware of it.

5. Showing The Community Rules & Etiquette   

Always check the rules and guidelines of the platform or community you are using. Some platforms have rules against excessive bumping or specify when and how to bump posts.

6. Avoid Excessive Bumping   

While bumping can be useful, avoid excessive bumping of the same post within a short time frame. This can be seen as spammy behavior and may annoy other users.

7. Engage In Discussions   

Rather than solely bumping your own posts, also engage in discussions with others. Being an active participant in the community can naturally draw attention to your posts.  

Do You Need To Monitor Your Post After Bumping?   

Yes!! You have to monitor your post after bumping. You cannot leave your post unchecked for a long time. The more you respond to the comments, the more engagements you will receive. You need to take care of the reality.

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You need to respond to the comments of a Bump post. It will increase the chance of your brand improvement to a great extent. Your reach and brand connection will increase. Think about the audience you are targeting. If your post is time-sensitive and relevant only to a specific group, make sure you bump it when that audience is most active.

Facebook BUMP: What’s The Catch?

When members of a Facebook group have successfully managed to bump a post, it reaches many more people. With a maximized reach, you can ensure a lot more engagement.

But is it always great? There is one thing for sure. : With actions come consequences.

Most of the time, it has been seen that after a post has managed to reach a lot of people, the comments section is full of unnecessary comments from a lot of people.

Higher engagement can also fill a major portion of the comments with comments from people who do not resonate with your views. Unfortunately, this means that there can be some really nasty comments.

What to do at times like these?

Well, there is only one thing that you can do: hide the comments that do not go well with your posts. To hide a comment on Facebook, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the comment that you want to hide
  • Select the three vertical dots that are present in the top right corner of the comment
  • Select the hide comment option from the drop-down menu

And that is all. The nasty comment that is causing you to worry will be hidden from the general users.

Facebook BUMP

When you hide a comment on Facebook, it is invisible to other members of the page or group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Does Bump On Facebook Mean?

The word BUMP stands for Bring Up My Post. This is used on social media platforms in the comments. Only this particular word is posted with nothing else. This makes the algorithm of the Facebook platform in such a way that makes it more noticeable to the people.

2. What Is The Full Form Of Bump In Social Media?

Bring Up My Post is the full form of BUMP in the world of social media. When this is posted in the comments section of a post, it triggers the algorithm of Facebook.

When that happens, it increases the engagement rate for that particular post and makes it perform well on the platform. And further, it makes it more noticeable to the audience.

3. What Does Bump Mean On Facebook Sales Posts?

When you comment the word ‘bump’ on a sales post on the Facebook platform or in the Facebook marketplace, you ensure that the product reaches the top of the page. Therefore, it is different from pinning.

It means that the post will appear on the feed of the users who are members of the page. They do not need to open the page to see the post. Instead, it will appear on their feed automatically.

That’s It For The Ride!

BUMP is the acronym used for the phrase “Bring Up My Post.” When members from the Facebook group want to boost a post and bring it to the notice of the general users, they can comment with just the word ‘BUMP’ in the comment section.

If you were looking for ‘what does bump mean on Facebook’ I hope you found this article helpful.

When that is done, it triggers the algorithm of the Facebook platform and makes the post appear on the feed of the users who are members of the group. This means that it is a great way to promote your post organically without spending any money.

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