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What Are Vacation Loans? Features & Advantages

What Are Vacation Loans? Features & Advantages

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Treat yourself to a mindblowing vacation. What do you think about money?

Here is the good news. Well, you don’t need to use your fixed deposit to travel abroad. You can get loans for your amazing trip. Just check whether you are eligible or not to get vacation loans. Keep on reading to learn more.

What Are Vacation Loans?

It is a personal loan for vacation. But it is only taken for travel. Most lenders allow you to get vacation loans both abroad and domestic. If you are planning to visit anyplace soon, you can look at the following list and select one to fund your dream vacation.

Details: You Should Know Before Applying Travel Loan

Most travel loans work just like other personal loans. The following information generally depends on the time of applying for the loan and the lender.

Interest Rates5% to 36%
Loan Amount$1000 to $100,000
TenureTwo to seven years
Processing Fee3% to 6% of the loan amount

Eligibility Criteria For Vacation Loans

Eligibility Criteria For Vacation Loans

Vacation loans are like any other personal loan. It is preferable for self-employed or salaried employees. Generally, the eligibility differs from bank to bank, and the time you will apply. But the common eligibility criteria for travel loans are listed below:

AgeMinimum Age 21 Years
Maximum Age 65 years
Employment TypeSelf-employed or salaried
Employment Status In Business for at least 2 yrs or employer 1 yrs.
Minimum Income$15,000 to $20,000 in a year.
TenureMinimum 2 years

Maximum 7 years

Credit ScorePreferred 720, according to FICO.

Document Required

Most banks in the financial market provide vacation loans to customers with minimal documentation. However, the financial organization required some essential papers. so let’s check whether you have all those documents.

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof (payslip or details of salary account)
  • Bank statement if you have other loans or EMI
  • Photographs
  • Passport (If you planned for abroad)
  • Estimating the vacation expense, including air tickets, hotel expenses, touring, and more.

NOTE: Document varies from bank to bank. So, please visit the website of those banks to know the document details that must be needed to submit for vacation loans.

Features Of Travel Loans

Here are some key features of travel loans that you should consider before applying for loans for vacation.

1. The Lower Value Of Loan

You can apply for a minimum loan of $1000. However, it depends on the financial organization. However, this term is great for the customers.

2. Loan Disbursed

Many travel companies have tied up with banks; if you contact those banks, you will get some interesting offers.

3. Medium And Short Repayment 

Repayment conditions are convenient for customers. A vacation loan can be extended as a personal loan.

4. Processing Fee

You can pay a processing fee of 0%. Although, it depends on the financial organization.

5. Holiday Offer Available

Most of the banks provide 0% processing fees and low-interest rates to promote their vacation loan. So you can catch that opportunity.

Vacation Loans: How Do You Get?

If you decide to apply for these loans for vacation, you may follow these steps to apply for a tour loan.

Vacation Loans: How Do You Get

1. Check Credit Score

The first step is to check your credit score by an online credit score or credit card provider. According to FICO, lenders prefer at least a 720 credit score to access the most ambitious interest rate.

You may now ask: do you get vacation loans for bad credit? The lenders allow you to get vacation or personal loans at a minimum 690 credit score, but if you have a score below 690, you should increase your credit score before applying for a tour loan.

2. Research Work

Before selecting the lenders, you should take the time to compare the interest rates. As I said, interest rates differ between banks. Besides this, you should research the qualification and loan terms of different lenders to find which Loan and interest are beneficial.

You can start by visiting local banks, CDFIs (Community development financial Institutions), credit unions, and online lenders.

3. Prequalify

Some banks or lenders allow you to prequalify for a vacation loan. It can help you to understand which Loan and interest you can qualify for without focusing on your credit score.

4. Submit A Formal Application

This process is vital for both customers and lenders both. After deciding on the financial organization and discussing the interest and payment policy, you may now submit the application form with the required documents.

5. Receive Funds

This is the last process and significant as well. After dispatching the loan funds, it’s time to make an on-time payment. Again, ensure you maintain the due date and access payment methods or the online payment portal.

Benefits And Key Highlights

Although, a personal Loan or vacation loan has some disadvantages. It is important to know before getting into it. Let’s start with the benefits that you can get.


1. Fixed Payment

You don’t have to pay for your vacation expenses upfront.

2. Low-interest Rate

If you have a credit card and have at least a 690 credit score, you will get a vacation loan at low interest.

3. Vacation Loan At 11 O’ Clock

If you are planning for a vacation at the last moment, you also get a personal loan. It is impossible at the last minute to approve a loan.

4. Loans With Flexibility

A travel loan can provide you the flexibility to take advantage of the lowest travel price.

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Disadvantages Of Trip Loan

Some of the disadvantages of tour loans. Scroll down…

1. Make The Trip More Expensive

You have to pay the loan with interest, making your trip more expensive.

2. Processing Fees Can Be Increased

Many organizations take processing fees that increase the overall cost.

3. It Can Impact Your Credit Score

It can negatively impact your credit score, and that can be extra stress in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here is some more information regarding vacation loans, you can look out at once if you want to get more.

Q1. Are Travel Loans A Good Idea?

Yes, travel loans are better than other personal plans for vacation loans. But think thrice before getting any loans. It can add extra stress to your life.

Q2. Can I Go Abroad If I Have A Personal Loan?

Yes, you can go abroad if you have a personal loan. There are no such restrictions that can not allow you to go abroad.

Q3. What Is The Interest Rate Of Vacation Loans?

The trip loan’s interest differs daily and bank to bank. So. it should be better if you check the interest rate when you want to go on vacation.

Bottom Line: Would You Apply This?

Vacation loans are designed to help you to fulfill your dream vacation. If you can handle the monthly payment, then you can go for it.

However, a trip loan is a type of personal loan. Therefore, if you like the interest rate, you can apply for your vacation loan.

If you have any queries, you can ask by commenting below. I will be there to answer your questions.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Till then, stay happy.

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