Using SMS Messaging For An E-Commerce Brand

The 3 Important Tips When Using SMS Messaging For An E-Commerce Brand

E-Commerce 3 Mins Read September 23, 2023 Posted by Mony Shah

When you?re looking for some growth strategies for your e-commerce brand, one of the most overlooked factors is staying connected with customers. One simple yet effective way to do this is through SMS messaging. This means that you?re sending important information directly to people?s phones.

You can use it to let people know about sales, send order updates, or respond to customer questions. It?s a great way to make sure that your customers continue shopping at your store. However, it?s important to do things the right way. In this article, we will cover exactly how to use SMS messaging effectively.

1 – Use It For Customer Service

1 - Use It For Customer Service

A great way to stand out from the competition is to have great customer service. It starts by making sure that your shipping is on point by using a fulfilment service like Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash. The next way is communicating with your customers. This is where SMS messaging comes in.

SMS messaging is useful for sending order updates and confirmations. After a customer places an order, receiving a text message confirmation can give them peace of mind. And when their order is on the way, a quick SMS update can keep them informed.

Sometimes, customers might have questions or run into problems. Being able to reach out and respond to these inquiries via SMS can be helpful. It?s a quick way to provide support and solutions, which can turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

2 – Build An SMS List

Having a big list of engaged customers for your SMS is essential to be able to use it as the tool it can be. This means building the list.

The first step is creating an opt-in system. An opt-in is when a customer permits you to send them text messages. This is important because sending messages without permission can annoy customers and get you in trouble. So, before sending any messages, make sure you have a clear ?yes? from the customer.

To get them to opt in and give you their phone number, you can offer special deals or discounts to customers who sign up for text alerts. Or, you can make the sign-up process easy, with clear instructions and a simple way to say yes.

3 – Craft The Right Message

3 - Craft The Right Message

Crafting effective SMS messages is an art. Being clear and keeping things short is very important. Text messages have a limit on how many characters you can use, so every word has to count. You need to get your message across in a way that?s easy to understand.

One of the most important aspects of the message is the call to action. The whole point of the message is to get the reader to do a specific action after reading. Maybe you want them to check out a sale, visit your website, or reply to your message. Whatever it is, make it clear and compelling.

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