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5 Actually Useful Gifts That Home Workers Will Love

5 Actually Useful Gifts That Home Workers Will Love

Useful Gifts

Good working from home useful gifts is not the most challenging one to find, however, it’s important to pick them carefully depending on where your employees are and what they like.

Employee appreciation gifts can help a critical role in encouraging team members to become more productive and efficient. It can also inspire other members in the organization to aim for greatness in the hopes that next year they too will be able to win some awards for their efforts.

Working from home can be tough and receiving a gift that motivates us is always nice, especially when having to sit on the computer for over 8 hours of the day. If you’re looking for a gift for a remote employee, a friend, or simply some company swag items, this is the right place for you.

In this article, we will be listing the 5 best useful gifts for someone working at home. From useful gifts for work from home moms and gifts for a man who works at home, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 Actually Useful Gifts That Home Workers Will Love:

1. Native Union Anchor Cable – $35.00


This anchor cable from Native Union is one of the good workings from home useful gifts that you can give to anyone and they’ll be happy.

The cable is essentially designed with an adjustable solid knot that stays on any surface and won’t fall down. Also, its 10-foot range is perfect from remote workers as they can simply plug it and leave it on their desk the whole day with no worries of it falling on the floor.

It is a great gift for someone working at home that they’ll actually use and that you can be certain that they will like.

Last but not least, the quality of the materials used to build this product is very high, you won’t be disappointed, and it is also Apple MFi & USB-IF certified.

2. Patagonia Men’s Micro D® Jacket – $89.00

Men's Micro D® Fleece Jacket

A jacket is an item sometimes overlooked when thinking about corporate gifts for employees, however, it is actually some of the best thank you gifts for remote employees.

This fleece jacket from Patagonia is one of the most comfortable and popular on the market for different reasons. Firstly, it is light and ultrasoft and will keep you warm at home.

Secondly, the quality of the fabric is simply excellent and this jacket will last for years, which your home workers will probably appreciate a lot. Moreover, it is stylish and you’ll be able to wear it at home, but also around town while going to the gym or for a coffee.

3. Topo Design Daypack  – $169.00


Working from home isn’t only about completing tasks and reporting days to your manager, it’s also about doing physical activities and going outside. For this reason, this backpack is one of the most useful thank you gifts for remote employees

It has a beautiful style, it has a laptop sleeve, a lot of room inside, and it simply looks and feels premium. In addition, it is available in many colors which is always nice when you have to give a gift to different types of employees.

Last but not least, it is a great backpack to bring with you on a long weekend and you’ll be able to carry anything from clothes, laptops, headphones, or even tablets.

4. The Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Earphones – $69.99

Shadow Wireless Earphones

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Working remotely also means enjoying doing what we like with the equipment we love, and music is an important thing when working from home.

These beautiful wireless earphones don’t only have a nice shape and are comfortable, but also have high-quality music coming out of them. In addition, it is sweat and rain resistant, which makes them perfect for working inside and exercising outside.

Last but not least, you can switch between 2 devices and it has an 8-hour battery life which means that it will last long enough for an entire shift!

5. S’well Satin Collection – $35.00


One of the most essential tips when working from home is to stay hydrated. In fact, drinking water is good for our health, it regulates body temperature, and it lubricates your joints.

Talking more about this excellent bottle, it can keep your water cold or hot for up to 54 hours which is its biggest feature. Other than that, it was made with eco-friendly material, it is condensation-free and above all, its mouth is big enough to throw some ice cubes together with your water or drinks.

Moreover, a study from Waterlogic Australia has shown that only 1% of water drop in our system might potentially lead to 12% less productivity at work. This is definitely a reason to consider and we should all drink enough water during the day.

For more gift ideas for home workers, check out Valentine’s day sale online where you can find useful gift ideas at a reasonable price.

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