UAW Launches Union Campaigns Against Tesla And 12 Other Automakers

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UAW Launches Union Campaigns Against Tesla And 12 Other Automakers

News 2 Mins Read November 30, 2023 Posted by Soumava Goswami

Bargaining record contracts with top Detroit automakers, UAW launches campaigns against 13 non-union automakers in the United States. These automakers include Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Volvo, Lucid, Mazda, Subaru, and Rivian. The campaign will cover nearly 150,000 autoworkers across the United States.

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?As part of the campaign, workers are signing electronic cards in support of union efforts to potentially organize U.S. plants from those automakers. It is not guaranteed that the union would push to organize every plant or automaker that participates in the campaign. Overall, workers would need to vote in support of UAW representation.?

Shawn Fain, the President of the UAW, said that the next mission of the union is to expand its ranks after it has ratified contracts with the big three Detriot Automakers. The contracts that these automakers (General Motors, Ford, and Stallantis) ratified include 25% pay raises (hourly). Apart from that, there are also other benefits including reinstatement of cost-of-living adjustments and better profit-sharing payments.

As per its tradition, UAW launches major campaigns. The union can spend months, and even years, to gain the support of workers inside factories to vote eventually for UAW?s cause.

However, Fain, while engaging with automakers during his tenure as president, has repeatedly rewritten the rules of engagement. He simultaneously negotiated deals with Ford, Stellantis, and GM rather than using all powers against a lead company. If the union is able to organize non-union automakers, it would heavily assist in the bargaining efforts and scale of the union.

After weeks of UAW?s engagement with the ?big three? automakers of Detroit, non-union automakers like Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai announced plans to increase the wages of workers.

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