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Types Of Event Marketing To Boost Your Online Business

Types Of Event Marketing To Boost Your Online Business

Event marketing is a great way to promote your products or services in connection with an event, whether it’s a conference, seminar, or trade show. The most important thing about this type of marketing is to think about whether the event would be relevant to the service or product you are selling.

It is a remarkably effective way to get closer to your target audience by giving them an interactive experience. Stats showed that 79% of marketers stateside use events to increase sales and that a whopping 87% of consumers buy products from a brand after attending a promotional event.

Although these events may be distinct, the different businesses that organize them all share a common goal and that is to entertain and engage participants, or better said, potential customers. Compared to other marketing efforts, they’re a unique way to connect with people and build meaningful relationships.

Below, we provide fresh insight into the different types of effective event marketing as it can help take your online business to a new level of success.

In-Person Events

In-person events are perhaps the best way to meet clients and lead directly. They’re a clever way to connect with customers and increase your online presence. Also known as physical events, these types of events allow attendees to meet face-to-face, share valuable information, create networks, and interact.

Such events allow you to engage in conversation with other people, build a community, establish a loyal following, and also increase brand awareness. In-person events come in many formats, but conferences, trade shows, and meetups are the most popular.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to bring together people and brands from a specific industry or background. They can be used to generate leads, boost brand awareness, and create revenue opportunities. To make the most out of a trade show, consider investing in a custom trade show booth rental in Dallas that reflects your brand’s personality and attracts potential customers.

Trade shows are attended by many companies, so it’s important to think about how you can make your brand stand out from the crowd. An important thing for sponsors with a booth is to think about its layout and location.


Conferences can be incredibly attractive to people from all walks of life, even for industries you might not anticipate. They can also be a great opportunity for networking and usually have a theme relevant to the industry.

Conferences tend to have a lot of great speakers, educational workshops, and valuable networking sessions. Hosting conferences can allow companies to create a professional environment that is mixed with a lively and social atmosphere.

A conference can be a powerful tool to showcase your most popular products to consumers. You can even enhance the atmosphere and use your products to create an interesting and immersive experience for potential customers to enjoy at the event.

Hosting a conference provides a platform for participants to gain insights and allows organizers to stay up-to-date with the best practices and the latest industry trends. They can learn what topics are most important to their target audience and what types of sessions are most effective when trying to engage attendees.

Launch Parties And Celebrations

Launch parties are small events that celebrate the launch of a company or another significant milestone, and many companies host them as a way to entertain customers and promote something new on the market. Rather than being focused on products, you can use these types of events to give a simple speech or presentation that will connect the event to a brand and remind attendees why they’re there.

Online Marketing Events

Online marketing events are a cost-effective option for those that want to organize any type of event. They allow businesses to reach a global audience and create events on timely and trending topics.

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Webinars are often held in intimate settings and tend to focus on educating attendees. A smaller group of attendees will allow for deeper discussions and valuable knowledge sharing. Webinars are likely to last between a few hours to one day.

If you plan to organize a live webinar, allow attendees to ask questions and take polls. This gives a boost to customer engagement and the audience will feel appreciated for spending their time like this. You can also use polling to gather important data for your marketing and sales department.

Social Media Live Streaming Events

Social Media Live Streaming Events

Live streaming allows people who’re unable to attend in person to view presentations and interact with your brand via social media. This is a great way to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your event. It will generate more transparency and bring your company to life.

Ask questions and encourage viewers to interact through social media. This will increase engagement and create a sense of community among viewers, as they can see each others’ responses and have a discussion.

In Closing

Event marketing allows you to connect with potential customers and competitors and see what the latest in the market is. By having a solid strategy and clear goals, and hosting the right type of event marketing, you’ll acquire new customers and boost your online business.

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