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Why Are There So Many Envelopes? 10 Types of Business Envelopes In 2022

Why Are There So Many Envelopes? 10 Types of Business Envelopes In 2022

Business Envelopes

Envelopes have been used in China as early as 1200 B.C. At the time, sending letters was the best way to send a message accurately. While the journeys for the messengers to send letters were long, people of ancient civilizations have sought a way to preserve their documents during transport. Fast forward to today, business envelopes have become a huge part of both formal and informal occasions, whether they be to send important business documents or a simple greeting card.

10 Types of Business Envelopes You Didn’t Know the Use For:

In case you don’t know already, here are 10 types of business envelopes for your office and what exactly are they used for:

1. Regular Mail Envelope:

Mail Envelope

Regular mail envelopes are the more common type of envelopes you see being used in offices for sending invoices and letters. They are best used to send letters in A4 paper. They are also used when you are sending documents that you need to fold into 3 equal parts. These documents include newsletters, checks, and other kinds of mailings.


2. C4 Envelope:

C4 Envelope

If you need to send a document you do not want to fold, a C4 envelope is your best choice. Measuring 324mm x 229 mm, it perfectly holds your document in A4 paper without getting folded or crumpled.

3. Window Envelope:

Window Envelope

Originally called the “outlook envelope,” the window envelope is an even more familiar business envelopes. Most of the bills you send or are sent to you come in this kind of envelope. As the name suggests, a small hole is cut on the front to allow you to see to whom the document is addressed.

The window on the envelope allows the sender to mail out the document without writing the recipient’s name or address on the cover. Not only does this provide convenience to the sender and the recipient, but it also provides a more professional look.

Double window security envelopes are commonly used by offices to send checks through the mail. The recipient and sender details printed on the checks line up perfectly with the poly windows, so there is no need to address the envelopes.

4. Wage Envelope:

Wage Envelope

Typically made with manila paper, the wage envelope or the pay envelope, as the name suggests, is used to hold cash, coins, and even payslips. A cash-based salary is normally given in this kind of envelope. They are also usually designed to be pocket-sized with an adhesive seal so they can be stored safely.

5. Catalog Envelope:

Catalog Envelope

The catalog envelope is a durable envelope that is usually used to store important documents, both light and heavy-weight, like a will, resume, or even a magazine. You can easily spot a catalog envelope because of its open-ended end and a flap on the top where the shorter side is. It also has a seam in the middle, creating more support that the envelope uses to bear the weight of its contents.

6. Square/Announcement Envelope:

The square or announcement envelope is used when sending out invitations to events or greeting cards. It comes in different designs and textures and can be used in both formal and informal events. They may even come in different sizes, but their square shape remains.

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7. Booklet Envelope:

Booklet envelopes are similar to catalog envelopes, but instead of opening on the short side, the booklet envelope opens on the long side. They are great for inserts and documents that you don’t have to fold. Their sturdy structure also allows you to insert thicker paper and/or heavyweight documents without worrying about them ripping your envelope.

8. Pocket Envelope:

Pocket Envelope

As the name suggests, the pocket envelope is small in size. This envelope is good for holding small documents like receipts, coupons, photos, or even passports. Many pocket envelopes come with a bubble wrap insert for added protection.

9. CD/Disc Envelope:

You’d easily identify this type of envelope when you see it. The CD or Disc envelope is usually square in shape with a hole in the center covered in plastic. This kind of envelope is used for transporting or storing CDs or discs and the transparent plastic on the center allows you to see what kind of disc is inserted.

10. Clasp Envelope:

A clasp envelope secures your documents while allowing you to access them repeatedly without ruining the envelopes. While most envelopes are sealed with an adhesive, this kind of envelope closes with a clasp. This means when you want to access a document, you can just simply unclasp the envelope, take the document out, and clasp the envelope again as soon as you’re done. With the envelope as good as new, you can use it frequently and still have a sturdy envelope for your papers and documents.

The Bottom Line

Business envelopes have become a staple in businesses and for a good reason, too. They’re just as valuable as the message you’re delivering, and understanding how each type of envelope functions is important.

The next great thing about them is that in today’s age, they’re not difficult to get. Instead of making them from scratch, you can order discount envelopes online. They’re cheap and functional; there’s no reason not to store packs of different kinds in your office.

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