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Travelling Solo? Here Are A Few Things To Remember As A First Time Solo Woman Traveller

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Traveling solo could be an equally exciting and jarring venture, especially if you have never done it before. From one solo traveler to another, it might not be easy, and intimidation is indeed a part of it.

However, once you have gotten a taste of solo travel and the freedom of it, you will have it no other way. There is no group to follow, no itinerary to adhere to. The entire week is yours, and the place is only for you to explore in your time.

Now, the downside of such a travel plan is definitely the safety of it. Especially as women are the majority victims of sexual crime, traveling solo is not just a fear for us but also for our family members.

There are some security matters which you must take care of and cautionary measures to take. Do not worry; in this excerpt below, we will take you through a step-by-step process of a woman’s guide to solo travel.

Travel Solo With Safety & Style

Without any further ado, let?s get into traveling solo titbits!

1. Step One: Always Know The Emergency Code For The Country

Just like we have 911, there are emergency codes for countries. The helpline you call in case you are in any kind of trouble. For example, god forbid you find yourself in a tough situation with a nasty local and they are trying to intimidate you.

The first step would be to ask for help from people around. Generally, other locals will be keen to help a foreigner. However, if they refuse to, you have to call that security dial.

Check the location you are currently in through a satellite map since they will be asking for it. Try to find a location where you can remain for the authorities to come. If you cannot find an emergency code for the country, you can take the emergency dial for the police station now, which you are bound to find.

2. Step Two: Find The Hotspot Areas For Crime

Before you visit any country or state, a little bit of research is mandatory. Begin with finding the hotspots for crime. Look at the few crime news reports for the country, and find the main regions they are mostly committed to.

Try your best to avoid these places (we know sometimes it is not possible). Plus, check the defense protocols of these countries. Especially small weapons you can carry with you if push comes to shove.

For example, see if carrying pepper spray, a taser, or even a small knife is legal in the country.

3. Step Three: Avoid Too Many Night Exploration

We know it is a bummer to not be able to fully enjoy the nightlife of a city you are traveling to. However, sometimes safety becomes more important than adventurous exploration, especially as a solo woman traveler.

Plus, it is not that you have to totally give up the idea. You can always find the touristy night areas of the country and keep your exploration limited to those. These are the places you are likely to meet other tourists who are on the same boat.

However, strictly stay away from night exploration if your solo travel includes camping or other wildlife activities. This is where you are entering dangerous territory.

4. Step Four: Always Have Five People On Your Speed Dial

You cannot be too careful when it comes to communicating with your loved ones in terms of any emergency. Yes, you should utilize the limit and have five people in your emergency dial. Plus, do alert the people you are keeping on that list.

In that way, they can always be on high alert. Never keep their phone on silent in case they get a call from you.

Plus, share your location with someone at all times so they know where you are at all times.

5. Step 5: Rest Is Very Important

Not all travel will be smooth and easy. Sometimes you will have to take long transportation throughout the city. The worst part would be getting so tired that you are unable to keep your energy up during the trip.

If you are taking local transport, say bus, the worst-case scenario would be you falling asleep right through the transit. On a public bus, you might have a chance to miss your stop and go into total panic mode.

Remember, this is a foreign city/country, and you should give yourself the time and necessary rest between travel days to adjust. It is necessary to spend an entire day in the hotel. Call in for room service, and seek out your itinerary.

6. Step 6: Be Cautious About Oversharing

It is okay to make local friends of both genders but prevent yourself from oversharing. During solo traveling, oversharing personal information with strangers can lead to unknown gender. While it’s great to connect with fellow travelers or locals, be cautious about revealing sensitive details like your full name, address, or specific travel plans.

Sharing excessive personal information can compromise your safety and privacy. Instead, focus on building genuine connections through shared interests and experiences. Trust your instincts and be mindful of your surroundings. Share general travel stories and engage in conversations without divulging unnecessary private information. Prioritize your safety and enjoy the journey while maintaining a level of discretion during social interactions.

Be Your Own Companion!

The beauty of traveling solo is coming back with memories exclusive to you. Carry a travel journal with you to capture some of the best moments of your travel diary on paper.

Take as many photographs as you can because you might not come back to this moment again in a lifetime.

Once you get a taste of it, you will definitely want to try it again. Here are some tips to keep it hassle-free.

  • Have a compartment for important documents, like a passport and travel visa, so that you do not have to look around in your bag.
  • Travel light, and do not be afraid of repeating clothes if necessary.
  • Find good hotels which ensure safety for solo female travelers. Filter your results when you search for it.

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