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Tips To Paint A Glass Jar-2021 Guide

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Glass jars are adaptable items that can be utilized in numerous ways. They can be used as food compartments, blossom jars, pen holders, focal points, and the rundown continues. With the help of your innovativeness and a couple of speciality materials, you can make delightful and helpful painted containers that you generally find on Pinterest.

In this article, we will share different tips that can help you decorate your old glass jar to convert it into something useful. You need to keep in mind specific points while showing your creativity on the glass containers. Let us have a look at these tips one by one.

Peeling off all the labels:

Peeling off all the labels:

The outer surface of the glass containers has many labels or price tags stuck to it. Therefore, your first step should be peeling off all the labels you find on the jar. You cannot paint them with their labels or tags on them because they will look messy. After taking off the titles, make sure to get soap and clean the glass jar properly. To make some extra precautions, you can also consider rubbing some alcohol on it.

Pick the suitable containers:

Pick the suitable containers:

If you have been looking forward to creating some painting projects, you need to pay attention to which container you choose. You can reuse the vacant ones in your kitchen to try not to purchase new ones.

Espresso jolts, milk bottles, and even Gatorade containers will do. Artisan containers are additionally a famous decision for their emblazoned letterings, giving it its unique vintage look. Ensure that whatever container you pick does not have any chips coming off or cracks on it.

Regardless of how tiny the chips might be, they could leave small glass pieces and sharp edges that could hurt you.

Using acrylic paint:

Using acrylic paint:

Many people do not have an idea about what paint they should choose for decorating the glass containers. There is a wide variety of paint for glass jars available in the market, and you can select the one according to your needs or requirements. Using acrylic paint is a great option, but you need to ensure that the jar’s surface is spotless. It is because the paint will adhere to the glass only when no dust particles are present on its surface.

However, one drawback of using acrylic paint is that it starts coming off or peeling off on its own over the period. If you want to prevent this, applying thin coats of paint can help. To get a smooth finish, consider using a sponge for painting. But if you do not care about the finish, then a brush can also be helpful.

Applying at least two coats of paint:

Apply the primary coat and let it dry for at least 20 minutes. After it gets scorched, apply the subsequent coat. You can accomplish this by using a paintbrush. When the container dries, you can flip it over and apply two layers of a similar paint to the base.

Use a fixed pattern or paint the jar systematically. The coats must be light of decreasing brushstrokes. You can generally add a third one if it is required. Stick your hand inside the container to turn it. Along these lines, you will not get your fingers filthy or leave behind fingerprints on the painted surface.

a. Go for the golden look

Do you have any idea how elegant the milk jars look when decorated and painted perfectly? Bring all the wasted containers or milk jars from your kitchen and spray golden colour on their outer surfaces. Use golden glitters as well to give them a more shiny and elegant appearance.

Please do not touch it until the jar completely dries because this can ruin all your efforts. Put some fresh flowers in it once it gets ready.

b. Drawing designs onto the container before painting:

To show some more creativity, take glue and start drawing different designs on the clean jar. Once the glue is set, spray the paint all over it. If you are not much into drawing, consider making simple designs like a heart or dots all over the jar. Do not apply so many coats of paint because this can even blur the designs.

?  Cute little cutouts:

Make a lovable jar utilizing pattern plans and pastel tones. Print your favoured pattern on sticker paper, then, at that point, apply the stickers on the container. Apply 2-3 layers of chalk paint on the container, also trying to cover up the stickers. When it’s dry, cautiously strip off the sticker. Presto! You can utilize these containers as gift holders or treat jars.

?  Adding glitters:

Add a touch of shimmer to your glass containers by making your sparkle containers. Utilizing painter’s tape, wrap it slantingly or evenly around the container. Apply Mod Podge on the spaces without the tape, beginning at the base. Sprinkle the sparkle on the container and softly tap off the abundance. Let the Mod Podge dry totally before taking off the painter’s tape.

To add more glitter or glamour, cover the lid of the jar and its handle with some golden colour. You can likewise utilize at least two shades of sparkle to finish your containers.

?     Wrap a ribbon around it:

To give your jar more of a rustic look, use jute line or raffia. You can fold the ribbon over the centre of the container or around the neck. Assuming you added a stencil to your jar, you would need to wrap the lace/raffia/line around the neck, so you don’t cover up the designs made on it.


There are so many glass jars that we utilize for once and throw them away. Instead of throwing them away, it is better to use these jars and make something productive out of them. Waste glass containers can be used as flower vases, pen holders, gift items, and so on. Make sure to study the above tips to do this task effortlessly.

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