Reluctant Traveller

Tips For a Reluctant Traveller

Travel Guides 4 Mins Read February 11, 2021 Posted by Arina Smith

There could be any number of reasons why someone might be a reluctant traveller. For me there are several. I don’t like flying, for example, so anything that involves getting on a plane is usually a non-starter for me. That doesn’t mean I won’t, if I absolutely have to I will but it is very rare. I’m also not keen on being away from home for too long. I like my own space and often if I do go away anywhere I spend so long getting used to the idea of being away that by the time I’ve adapted it’s time to come back!

If you struggle with the idea of travelling and taking holidays here are a number of tips that can help you to enjoy it just that little bit more.

Find Something to Look Forward to

Find Something to Look Forward to

It always helps to plan ahead a bit. If you are going away with family for a few days make sure that you find out in advance about the sort of activities you can do and places that you can visit. If you are going for work reasons, you could try speaking to some event planning companies to help out here. After all, everyone wants something different but this way you can add in something that suits you. I always try to make sure that I get to add something into the itinerary no matter where I’m going. The same applies when travelling for business. Not every minute of my day while I’m there will be taken up with work, so I make sure I factor in some time for me, even if it is just a walk in a local park or some window shopping. Having something like this just for me does make all the difference because it is the part of the trip that I really want.

Travel Light

How many people spend weeks before they go away deciding what to pack? I’ve fallen into this trap myself. I spend so long deciding what to put in the suitcase that by the time the trip arrives I’ve stressed myself out so much it really takes the shine off it. The trick is to travel as light as possible and just remove this as one of the trip’s stress factors. Just take the basics. If it is for a work trip then it might be that I’d only need a couple of outfit changes, so why stress about what to take? For a vacation to a warm place, I work on the assumption that simple light garments are better. I also set myself a set time and a time limit to pack, so I get it over and done with as soon as possible. The weekend before I travel, I take 2 hours to pack my case. This makes me focus on the main items that I need – anything else is probably not that important anyway.

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Tackle Your Fears

Tackle Your Fears

If it is a fear of flying that holds you back, as it did for me for a long time, then it is a good idea to try to get some help for the phobia. My issue was the thought of actually getting on a plane – once I did I was fine. There are many self-help books, websites, and courses that you can take to help you to address any fears. I opted for a herbal relaxing remedy (not a sleepy one!) that just helped to take the edge off my anxiety and made it a fairly calm flight. But others who experience paralysing fear might want to consider looking online for something a bit different. Some airports run courses that help you to overcome fears and I’ve heard good things about the results that can be achieved with them.

Whatever it is that holds you back, try to keep in mind that it is a temporary state of mind and if you can deal with it, you can go ahead and enjoy your trip. No matter how far you are planning to travel, the opportunity to get out and see the world is one that shouldn’t be missed. For so long I didn’t take the travel opportunities that I had and it is one of my main regrets, but now I’m able to go where I want without worry.

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