The growing popularity of smart devices has made it mandatory for businesses to invest in a responsive website. A Canadian business owner engages a firm for responsive website development in Vancouver to build an interface hoping to earn more revenue. Engaging the web development firm in Vancouver is only the beginning and the owner needs to take some essential steps to increase the revenue-generating abilities of the interface. The strategy must be focused on increasing the engagement of the visitors with the website which will help improve its conversion rate. A few valuable tips that can be helpful in this regard are being presented here.

1. Invest In A Simple Design:

Most business owners feel that in order to make their websites stand out from their competitors, they need to incorporate eye-catching design elements and populate the home page with information about their products or services. This results in confusing a visitor who may spend a long time on the interface but will not conduct any transaction. The design elements also contribute towards bloating the website and increase its loading time. A simple design with only the key items or features listed on the home page is the ideal approach which must be adopted by website owners.

2. Content Must Be Focused On Target Audience:

The Canadian entrepreneur hiring a Vancouver-based web design company must create content that is focused on its target audience. Posting content aimed at a wide range of people can help increase the traffic but it will not help in improving the conversion rate. Creating content that addresses the target audience will attract more people and also have a positive effect on the conversion rate. The Canadian business owner must engage professionals for creating content with a local flavour that will be found useful by the majority of prospective customers.

3. Include Value Proposition On The Landing Page:

A value proposition promoting the beneficial feature of the product or a service must be inserted on the landing page. Including a couple of lines about how an item is better than its competitors for customers will definitely help in increasing the number of sales or subscriptions. Place a value proposition that promises to solve a common issue faced by the target audience. Take care to ensure, though that the service being offered does offer the benefit that is being proposed.

4. Leverage Videos To Increase Revenue:

Videos have become a popular mode of entertainment as well as promotion and business owners must leverage them for earning more profits. Embedding clips on the website with interesting content that necessarily is not about a product but addresses an issue associated with the industry segment will be a good way to generate more traffic. Including these videos on the home page as well as key landing pages will also be helpful in encouraging visitors to use the services being offered on the website.

5. Try To Acquire New Email Addresses:

Everyone knows that email marketing is a good tactic for promoting businesses but new email addresses are required for implementing the strategy. The Canadian entrepreneur must ask the firm hired for responsive web development in Vancouver to create beautiful landing pages with a compelling call to actions that ask for visitors’ email IDs. The process can be incentivized and offering something of value like a digital guide related to the industry. It will help in encouraging people to perform the desired action and leave their email addresses in return.

6. Install Chatbots On The Website:

The interactive feature of live chat must be installed on websites to improve the customer experience. People are expected to use the services offered on a website which instantly clears their doubts or resolves issues with the help of chatbots. These tools are valuable add-ons which positively impact the sales or subscription figures of a website. All kinds of interfaces ranging from blogs to e-commerce websites will benefit from this advantageous feature.

7. Use Social Proof To Build Trust:

Potential users can be influenced by exposing them to the reactions of existing consumers. Displaying social proof in the form of testimonials and customer reviews will help in building trust among visitors. Not only text but images and videos of people using products or services must be placed on the website. Customer reactions can convince visitors about the dependability and good quality of the products or services being offered on the website.

8. Upsell And Cross-sell To Generate More Revenue:

Businesses can maximize the revenue earned from a particular user by indulging in upselling and cross-selling. Upselling is the practice of offering an upgraded or premium product to an existing user buying a similar but low-priced item. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is the tactic of suggesting related or complementary products to a customer based on his/her purchase. Incorporating artificial intelligence solutions in the website will be helpful in implementing these strategies.

9. Use Social Media To Attract More Customers:

Social media is not limited to being an avenue for connecting with friends but has grown to be a large platform with immense business potential. The vast user-base of various social media platforms must be exploited by entrepreneurs to increase the traffic to their website. They must create accounts on different social networks and post on them regularly. These posts must contain links to the relevant landing pages. This strategy will help promote the enterprise as well as attract more people who can be converted into users.


The Canadian business owner hiring a firm for responsive website development in Vancouver will benefit from the above-mentioned tips and must incorporate a few of them to increase the returns on investment.

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