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5 Proven Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Growth

5 Proven Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Growth

eCommerce Growth

Your eCommerce store could be up and running, and you could already be making some sales. You are on the right track, but you can use a few tips to get maximum benefits. The most important thing is to use the right eCommerce growth strategies in engaging with your customers. One of the ways to increase your eCommerce sales is the generation of new business.

As an eCommerce business, you need to look at the sales side of the business as well as the organizational side. This means that unless your back-end is the stuff of dreams, you will not be able to create a fluid, data-oriented and strong digital infrastructure. It is necessary that eCommerce companies use Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting services to help them optimise their performance, boost productivity levels and take care of their data storage in a secure fashion.

5 Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Growth:

However, there is a high possibility that you could be using the wrong strategies to grow your clientele base. Here are some five tricks to boost your eCommerce growth.

1. Cross-Sell and Upsell Your Products

You may purchase a brand-new piano, but begin looking for, upgrades after a few years. In such a case, you will be upsold to a more expensive and better keyboard. You can buy a product, and you realize that you need additional accessories after a short period. Cross-selling takes place when a brand understands that you will require other items to go hand in hand with the product you are buying.

The other excellent example could be a high-quality broadcast microphone. If you are interested in such a product, you could be a podcaster, purchasing one for your radio station, or own a home or recording studio. You need to ask yourself the other accessories that the customer will want to operate the mic.

Cross-selling is not a difficult thing once you understand the other equipment that the customer requires. Cross-selling and upselling makeup to 35 percent of the total revenue on Amazon. It is one of the best strategies for eCommerce growth irrespective of what you are selling.

2. Remove Abandoned Carts

Close to sixty to seventy percent of customers who visit eCommerce Sites abandon their shopping carts. Several eCommerce enterprises are losing money or leaving it on the table here. You can significantly increase your sales if you were to work towards reducing these abandoned carts. Several online businesses have reported seven-figure revenues by working on their abandoned carts.

Most clients abandon their carts because of the cost of your products and additional fees. You will leave a site if you discover that you can get a cheaper product somewhere else. Therefore, avoid adding unexpected costs and shipping fees to the order of your customer.

You can use several techniques to curtain the abandonment rate. However, one of the widely used ones is the follow-up emails. You can reduce abandoned carts through a simple automated process. You have to remind your clients what is pending in your cart and show them the products that they left.

It is good to grab the attention of your customers by using great headlines, photos, and attention-grabbing copy. You can also send a discount code to the customers to motivate them to commit to the order. Also, make sure you hold the items for their clients when they are about to order a product from your site.

3. Spend on Social Media

Social Media

One of the primary drivers of eCommerce growth is social media. Some of the leading websites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube among the other top perming sites. Some of these sites will be more worthwhile than others depending on the nature of your business.

Therefore, you have to experiment out and determine the one that works best for your company. Several eCommerce sites have been boosting their sales through Facebook ads among other social media campaigns. Most people who own small-to-medium size enterprises fear to spend on premium social media campaigns.

However, these campaigns have a good ROI as long as you target well. Social media drives sales so well, and you can miss several opportunities by overlooking some of these platforms.

4. Get Affiliates

Affiliate associates can assist your eCommerce store in moving high volumes of the product. The reason is that you incentivize affiliates with incentives to achieve the desired objective. Even though you will share a certain proportion of your profits with the affiliate, you will make up from the increase in sales. Therefore, you will get free marketing for your business and products and won’t pay out unless you make sales.

There are several strategies that you can use to make sure that your affiliate program is working. Carry out in-depth research to establish whether you need to leverage to join a network like commission junction or begin your tracking system. Leverage on your pre-existing networks to find affiliates. You can find affiliates who sell products in your industry. The most important tip is to make sure that you are paying your affiliates well. What you spend on your affiliates is often lower than the advertisement cost.

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Have a straightforward process of signing up the affiliates and then implement tracking links on their website, landing page, or blog. Affiliates will find it easy to promote your products if they encounter fewer hassles to get up and running.

5. Be Innovative


Improve the presentation and description of your products. Avoid using standard product descriptions that you pull from various online sources and create human, concise, and SEO-optimized product copy. Use stunning product photos to enhance the visuals of your site and build trust. You can use several strategies to be creative like experimenting with Instagram.

This platform has an average order value of $65, and this is the highest among the other social media platforms. Several businesses are trying out this strategy, and it seems to be working quite well. You can implement your store on Facebook to sell on the most popular online sites. You can also allow your users to create their wish list. The last way to be creative is to generate customer reviews. You cannot underestimate the importance of social proof.

The Bottom Line

The market has several eCommerce growth strategies and tools that you can use irrespective of the goals that you would like to achieve. You can even increase your profitability without growing your customer base. You can also expand your customer base without taking the expensive route. If you are not doing anything right now, these tips can help you to increase your business sales.

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