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Tiny Black Bugs In House Near Window – How To Get Rid Of Them?

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Any kind of insects inside the house can turn out to be annoying, until and unless you are a nature lover. Actually, we all are somewhat nature lovers but insects are something that most people get repealed from. It is almost unmanageable when a large number of insects invade our home, therefore tiny black bugs in house near window are scary.

In the summertime, you will notice tiny black bugs. It is quite normal to lose it at fort sight but let me tell you that there are effective ways to get rid of them before they damage something in the house that you have built with love.

In this article we will be talking about tiny black bugs look like poppy seeds. We will also be talking about how to get rid of them, with various ways that you try and apply.

What Are Tiny Black Bugs In The House Near The Window?

I can?t really specify each tiny black bug on the window sill of your house. But I can say that there are many of them and some are identified. There are varieties of insects that try to get inside the house, if you don’t take this seriously and find a way out to eliminate them, then you have to face some serious mess as well as disease.

The little tiny black bugs that you see in the window of your house are :

  • Carpet Beetles 
  • Pantry insects 
  • Grain insects 
  • Fleas 
  • Roaches 

1. Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles

It is quite common to see carpet beetles inside the house but let me tell you they are dangerous as well. How? It’s because they can damage the hide of your furniture, fabric items, and clothing that is kept in storage for a long time.

The reason behind carpet beetles invading your house, is because they must have been attracted to some of your belongings.

  • Human hair.
  • Teddies.
  • Skins. 
  • Wool. 
  • Feathers. 
  • Old books. 
  • Leather. 

These beetles are considered to be dangerous for humans or pets but they are a threat to non-living things. They are very destructive and can damage all your furniture as well as clothes and all.

2. Pantry Insects

Pantry Insects

Pantry insects are tiny black flying bugs. They are the dispenser ones as well. They are generally tiny, hard-shelled, and have long hind legs. They are black, of course! Therefore they are quite hard to detect.

Weevils are considered to be the dispensing insects, but you will find the flour beetles too in the pantry. Remember once they pass through your food, they leave it infested. Therefore you have to be careful about them and notice them entering your pantry.

3. Grain Insects

Grain Insects

You must get concerned when you notice grain bugs in your house. These insects prefer to stay in places where there is food storage such as grains, rice, and flour. They can enter your storage where you keep your grains and all that.

When cereal bugs enter your food they infest them, and experts in this field suggest to not eating that food. The beetles lay their eggs in between the grains, therefore consuming the infested food can harm your hath. It is always a better choice to throw the food away and not let anybody eat that.

4. Fleas


Fleas are some insects that are hated globally. They are the tiny black bugs in the house near the window. Fleas can easily get inside your house, especially if the house has a pet, as their medium is an animal with fur. These merciless tiny black bugs must be killed as they bite pets and also people. They basically suck blood like mosquitoes.

5. Roaches


One of the ugliest-looking insects one can ever come across. They have access all over the world. They are very clever with a plan of entering your home without you being able to notice. If you find one, know that they are here to visit you with their family. Roaches are a fan of void spaces that are filled with dirt, food debris, and an environment that is full of moisture.

Kitchens are the most favorite place they like to visit because they can feed on garbage or food that you have put on the kitchen slab. It is easy for them to feed on them.

Tiny Black Bugs In House Near Window – How To Get Off?

How To Get Rid Off Black Bugs

If you have already noticed tiny black bugs in your home, you must take action first before freaking out. Find an effective way to kill them all, as I told you what they are capable of doing, and then consider getting new window installation to ensure that they have no way of making their way inside your home again. If you can?t really think of a way to kill them right now, because you are stressed, let me give you some effective ways of getting rid of them.

Peppermint Oil

Since it has a mint smell it will help the insects go crazy and shoo them away, but the oil can kill them. To use the oil you will have to take 8 ounces of water and mix eight drops of oil with it. Store them in a spray bottle and shake them well before applying them on the spot. Now spray them on window sills, doors, and vents.

Neem Oil

Neem oil comes from the neem tree itself that has a very strong smell which definitely repels insects. This oil is suggested by many to get rid of the tiny black bugs in your house. Neem oil is good for human health, therefore you don’t have to think twice or worry if your pet or child has consumed it somehow. Wounds are helped with neem extracts.

Apply the oil everywhere you think black bugs might live and see the magic in a few days.

Diatomaceous Earth

This product is born from unicellular algae and is very effective in killing any kind of insect. If you have seen roaches and beetles or maybe some other tiny black bugs in your home, do spread the soil in the areas where you see the insects passing. This soil is not harmful to humans but is very powerful in killing insects, it takes 2 days to kill the unwanted tiny black bugs.

Tiny Black Bugs In House Near Window – Prevention

Tiny Black Bugs Near Window

Don’t wait for the tiny black bugs to invade your house because you know once they are in it will be a difficult job to get rid of them. Therefore do things that don’t attract them in your house.

Clean Your Closet

You must clean your closet every week properly if you don’t want any tiny bugs to ruin your stuff. They love to live and destroy carpets and closets.

Deep Clean Dispenser

Keep your dispenser clean, because most bugs are attracted to food. Clean your dispenser after every week. 

Avoid Standing Water

Standing water is in the right place for insects to breed and populate their species. Therefore after a heavy rain make sure there is no standing water near your house. If there is, flow them towards the drain or pick them up and flush them down the toilet.

Ending Thoughts

Here you go with tiny black bugs in the house near the window, and everything along with it to give an idea of what the tiny bugs can do and how to get rid of them. Don’t freak out, rather make sure you get them all out.

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