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Twitter Vs. Threads: Can Meta’s Thread Outperform Twitter?

Twitter Vs. Threads: Can Meta’s Thread Outperform Twitter?

Twitter Vs. Threads Can Meta’s Thread Outperform Twitter_

Meta Platform’s Threads launched on Thursday, and Mark Zuckerberg was at the forefront of the launch, as he engaged with users for a few hours on Threads as well as on Instagram. Zuckerberg surely knows how to get users to engage with each other in conversations.

This is what happened on Threads as users were constantly in search of “familiar faces in unfamiliar surroundings,” as Bloomberg put it. Meta promoted the app against Twitter from the start, as the term “Twitter Killer” came to be associated with Threads.

With the help of Threads, Meta tried to cash in on the self-inflicted issues of Twitter. Within just a few hours of its launch, Threads has managed to get over ten million sign-ups on the app. These sign-ups will help Threads in becoming a legitimate alternative to Twitter.

A great feature that is available on Threads is that users can connect to it via Instagram. Once they connect, they will get their followers and connections, as well as the people they follow on the platform. As per the statements of Zuckerberg,

We are definitely focusing on kindness and making this a friendly place.”

Threads is creating an alternative to Twitter, where it is promising the users the freedom that they claim to not find on Twitter.

However, it seems Twitter is still way on top, with 238 million daily active users. Furthermore, Elon Musk did not update the number after taking over Twitter. Moreover, Twitter users have cultivated their connections and followings on Twitter for a long time, which they surely will not want to disrupt in the least.

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In regards to functionality as well, Twitter offers the feeling of being a part of a collective community with the ‘Trending’ option. These factors are not available in Threads, as it still needs a lot of work.

Despite that, Threads is still promising and have the capability of leveling up with Twitter. When it does that, it is a thing one must ponder upon.

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