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How Have Technical And Economic Development Led To More Consumption Of Resources?

How Have Technical And Economic Development Led To More Consumption Of Resources?

how have technical and economic development led to more consumption of resources

Question: How Have Technical And Economic Development Led To More Consumption Of Resources?


  • More consumption is providing the equipment that increases production, leading to more consumption from resources. 
  • Economic development leads to rising people’s needs, which results in more resource consumption.
  • The use of sophisticated foreword machinery further increases resource exploitation.
  • Economic development delivers a favorable environment for growing the latest modern technologies, which helps to convert various materials into resources.


You will get all of these four advantages after you incorporate the technical and economic approaches to your company. But want to know how have technical and economic development led to more consumption of resources?

Each year the earth’s population is growing, and as a result of the food to electricity, users are increasing. As a result, two types of resources are present in the environment. Some of the resources have a limitation.

Therefore, as we are starting to use them, they will be eliminated from the environment one day. But some of the resources are relatively safe to use as the secure resources do not impact nature.

Here I will discuss all of these four points in the next section. After reading the entire article, you will understand why and how technology and economic growth deliberately increase resource consumption.

1. Equipment Uses Increases Production And Resources Consumption

Equipment Production Resources Consumption

Want to know how have technical and economic development led to more consumption of resources? The first advantage of technological and economic growth is increasing production.

The population of the earth is growing. As a result, the requirements of the people are also at the high end of the graph. As a result, most factories like to produce many items to meet the consumer’s demands.

How to improve the production numbers? Science is inventing more advanced systems and equipment to enhance production numbers.

Scientific development is the main factor responsible for technical and economic developments. And as science is growing and technological elements are inventing much modern equipment. These modern equipment are the main reasons for increasing the production.

For example, as the electricity modern equipment’s usages are increasing. Therefore, the electricity-generating resources like the water usages ratio will be increased.

2. Rising The People’s Needs

Rising The People’s Needs

As the people’s requirements increase, resource consumption will increase. The vast advancements and rising needs of the people’s requirements are also responsible for more consumption of resources.

People’s demands are not only increasing. Along with the increasing requirements, modern people are compatible with a faster life. And to lead a speedier life, you will need modern equipment.

For example, population growth is leading to more consumption of resources. Now the people are becoming more technically advanced. As a result, they like to have modern equipment. These people’s requirements enhancements are directly impacting resources consumption.

3. Introduction Of Sophisticated Machinery

Introduction Of Sophisticated Machinery

Sophisticated machinery usage is straightforward, leading to resource usages. Now 80% of modern machinery consumes large amounts of the resources consumptions. But few are targeting fewer consumptions of the resources.

The primary resources are water, heat, chemical power, and solar. Every day new scientific approaches are coming in fourth. Technical advancement invented many new types of machinery compatible with the modern lifestyle.

All of these are the primary sources, and for sophisticated machinery, these all are the power sources. You have to use the sun’s rays to generate power, even for solar plants.

This is the reason multiple types of sophisticated machinery were invented. The resources consumption is also getting much higher along with the sophisticated machinery usages.

4. Convert Various Materials Into Resources

Convert Various Materials Into Resources

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As the demand is growing and the increasing requirements of the people are the causes of finding multiple resources. The regular resources are not enough to power the new advanced improvement of the technologies.

This is why after the people’s requirements have increased. Therefore, scientists are deliberately searching for alternative resources to meet global needs.

The economic developments are providing a supportive environment for new advancements. So when a country is developing, the people of the country are becoming more advanced.

This is the reason scientists and researchers are finding more resources. And these conversions are another reason for which technological advancements are responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Do You Understand By Technical And Economical Development?

Economic development provides a favorable environment for the latest technical advancements. It is going to help you to convert the various materials into resources. And it is improving the newly available resources.

2. What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is a type of development that will meet the present generation’s requirements. But these conditions will not harm future generations’ requirements and needs. This means the resource is like never-ending materials.

3. What Is Technical Economics?

Every factory and manufacturing unit has some output factors like labor, capital, and technologies. When a factory’s technical efficiency and effectiveness are giving you the option to produce a large number of outputs, and this production is possible when you are giving you the maximum amount of input.

The rations of the output factors are sufficient. Then you can address the fact that factory production is technically economical.


Now you know which are the answers for how have technical and economic development led to more consumption of resources. Unless a country is not going to leap technological and economic advancements, the resources used remain in the same stage. These four are the main advancement areas that are directly affected by technical and financial advances. Read it and let us know your opinion in the comment sections.

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