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5 Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Generate More Leads on Social Media

5 Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Generate More Leads on Social Media

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There is no denying that through different social media platforms, real estate marketing agents can generate leads. According to the latest stat, there are more than 2 billion people who are actively using different social media platforms, on a monthly basis.

So as real estate agents, you should know how social media can influence people to trust your business, thus making social media as the best lead generator tool for the real estate industry. However, most real estate businesses fail to take advantage of this kind of opportunity.

Step It Up: 5 Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Generate More Leads on Social Media

For a little help, listed below are five effective tactics and strategies that will help your real estate business maximize social media marketing.

1. Include Great Pictures :

Most of the time, agents overlook the value of photography and home staging. Searching for a real estate photographer near me and getting professional pictures is the ideal solution. However, if you are just setting out and incapable of hiring a professional photographer, it is best to purchase a great camera and sign up for some online classes.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to sell an empty house, it will be more difficult for the buyers to visualize themselves living in there. To avoid such, you can post photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Choose a social media platform that will suit your business properly.

Posting photos online can highly affect how people will react to your business. Photography plays a big role in the real estate marketing industry because the better the images are, the more striking it will be, especially on social networks like Instagram.

2. Tweet Strategies For Moving and Staging :

Twitter, is a social networking site where people can post and socialize with messages, called tweets. Making Twitter a great way to stay connected with your current and future clients. However, Twitter only grants you at most 140 characters, to update your followers. Thus, use it wisely to engage and to strengthen relationships with other people.

One way to help your customers and yourself is by tweeting tips about moving and staging their respective homes for great sales. Do not forget to include links that channels back to some good videos or articles on how to sell a home. Also, you can teach them how to pack when moving to a new home cleverly.

3. Have a Strong Presence on LinkedIn :

Not Facebook and not Twitter. LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platforms for professional networking online, though it has lesser members compared to Facebook with only 467 million users.

However, LinkedIn provides a powerful engagement and marketing system highlighting blogging, groups discussion boards, and private messaging. With that said, real estate marketing investors and agents should take advantage of this social networking site to build their online reputation and earn exposures to investors, banks, and business owners.

4. Determine your Social Media Metrics :

Agents must know and record their social media metrics to have a  better knowledge of which tactics are working well for them and what isn’t. Metric systems such as the total number of “likes,” “followers,” and the “level of engagement” can certainly help you as real estate marketing agents to what you should do with your various social media campaigns.

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5. Include Positive Reviews and Services :

So that you know, one of the best marketing strategies is referrals. For example, on your business’s Facebook page, enable services and reviews. Make sure that your clients can easily message you for any inquiries or arrange meetings with you.

For your website, make use of your customer’s reviews, ratings, and testimonials about your services. As such, if other people will see it, they will not think of your business as a scam.

You can also opt to offer free discussion in collaboration with different real estate firms such as Rose & Jones regarding the real estate industry. Make sure that your clients can book it online with ease. Of course, looking for an excellent agent is hard enough, so make the process a lot easier for them by connecting to them as smooth as possible.


Most buyers rely on the power of the internet to look for potential properties to buy. As such, as a  real estate agent, you need to take advantage or leverage different social media platforms to connect with them. Make sure that you maximize the use of social media efficiently to generate leads and make sales.

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