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4 Startup Tips They Don’t Teach You In College

4 Startup Tips They Don’t Teach You In College

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Starting your own business can be scary, exciting, and everything in between. It’s also not for the faint of heart.

In fact, only about 65% of new businesses last past their first year. While graduating from college with a degree in a relevant field will help you get an entry-level job in that field, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to start your own company.

Checkout Four Simple Startup Tips They Don’t Teach You In College:

The truth is that most people struggle when trying to come up with ideas for businesses. Let’s look at a few startup tips they don’t teach you in college.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

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In college, you’re taught to succeed. No one wants to fail. However, when starting a business, you need to be willing to take risks and face the possibility of failure. While everyone wants their business to succeed, the truth is that it may not work out.

To avoid this outcome, you need to understand your weaknesses and how you can improve them. If you don’t understand your weaknesses and how they can affect your business, you won’t be able to make changes or improvements, which could ultimately lead to failure.

2. You Can’t Do It All on Your Own

As a fresh college graduate with little or no experience in a professional setting, it can be easy for someone who has never started their own company before to think that they can do it all themselves without help from others.

The truth is that there will be things that you will struggle with; therefore, having other people around who have experience in certain areas is invaluable when it comes time for your startup tips guide for college graduates.

If possible, find a mentor who has started and run their successful businesses before and pick their brain about things they wish they had done differently when starting. It helps you avoid the same mistakes.

3. Learn How to Invoice

Business Invoice

As a small business owner, you will have to be able to handle the work that you have, which can lead to you working long hours. However, you must keep track of your time and work hours. This is where invoicing comes in.

By learning how to invoice properly and on time, you will be able to keep track of your time and ensure that your clients are paying what they owe on time. You can use an invoice maker free online to generate your preferred template.

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4. Learn How to Negotiate

Learning how to negotiate for your own business is not easy; however, it does come with being a small business owner. You need to learn how to negotiate with people for them to do business with you or buy your products or services.

If you can learn how to negotiate effectively and efficiently, this will help when it comes time to launch your startup. Negotiation skills are going to be something that everyone needs regardless if they own their own company or not.


When you’re a student at an Ivy League school, it’s easy to think the world is your oyster. You have access to brilliant professors and vaults of knowledge that can help you go after your dreams.

But things get a little trickier when it comes down to getting started on that dream. The above tips will help you navigate your startup.

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