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While many businesses understand the value of social media, some have yet to realize that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are powerful marketing avenues. Unless you?ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you should know that every man and his dog are somehow connected via social media. Take Facebook, which has taken over the entire planet, as an example; why do so many log in daily? The answer is they get to see what family and friends are up to, plus when they have exciting news to announce, post it on FB!

If you have accounts with all the major SM platforms, here are a few tips on account management.

Browser Start-Up

Browser Start-Up

When you boot up your MacBook Air, set your browser (Google) to automatically open all your accounts, along with your favorite news channels and your email login page. If you don?t have the time for SM, talk to Australia?s number 1 digital marketing agency King Kong; set up by Sabry Suby in 2014, this aggressive agency has conquered the world.

Create A Content Creation Plan

Plan the content in a structured way and don?t get ahead of yourself on one platform; you can set up post times. This involves text, images, and video, and planning every month is considered smart.

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Have A plan B

Have A plan B

If, for any reason, a piece of content cannot be posted, you should have a few blogs/crazy video clips/images set aside as a substitute. Readers get to know your publishing times and if one is due, don?t disappoint.

Make The Best Use Of Online Tools

Facebook, in particular, has tools for multiple account management, while there are apps that enable you to manage from your smartphone. You can schedule posts to be published ahead of time, which is invaluable if you are very busy.

Social Media Account Management Software

Social Media Account Management Software

As you would expect, developers have jumped on the need for multiple account management software; this is the answer to all your social media woes.

Social media has taken the world by storm and every business should be invested in all the major SM platforms. Talk to a top-rated digital marketing agency about social media marketing and reap the rewards that come with professional account management.

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