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Best Low Investment Small Business Ideas In India

Best Low Investment Small Business Ideas In India

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The urban landscape of India has not been able to provide good living standards to the locals. Therefore, most young people are thinking about going back to smaller towns to see whether they can earn a living from starting a small business.

The unemployment problem is bigger than you may think and you need to look for the best ways of dealing with it. Both the small and big towns of India are struggling with the unavailability of jobs.

There is an increase in the number of people who are moving to large cities in search of better jobs and business opportunities. The challenge is that finding these jobs is not easy. Also, young people have not saved sufficient funds to help them set up large businesses.

The challenge is how to deal with the problem of unemployment, especially among the youth. The best way forward to create new jobs. India is among the top 3 start-up hubs globally.

However, most people are still adamant about the idea of creating new business avenues. The reaction of small towns to start-ups is very different from what you get in the big towns. Every city has some unique characteristics and hence a different set of requirements.

Small Business Ideas In India With Low Investment

Therefore, you need to analyze the needs of your city before you come up with the best small business ideas in India with low investment. This article presents some of the suggestions that can work well for you.

Choose one of them depending on the needs of the people who stay in your town and you will help in solving the problem of unemployment.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks

The idea of food trucks is not a strange one in Indian towns. These are unique eating points that provide exclusive cuisines at affordable prices. It is one of the fast-moving business ideas that you can implement in India.

The fact that food trucks are mobile means that you can put them at a different geographical location at the same time. For example, you can pack the food truck outside a school in the afternoon and outside an office later in the evening.

You will be able to maximize your profits from this high level of mobility. You can comfortably run this business on a small budget because you will not be putting your investment in real estate. It is one of the best small businesses in India that are highly profitable.

Ice Cream Parlours

There is no time that the demand for ice cream will drop. One of the ideal low-investment ventures is having a tiny ice-cream parlor. The business requires minimal space, low staffing, and basic equipment hence making it be a perfect small business idea.

As the business owner, you can choose specific types of ice cream and themes that are not readily available in your town. These ice cream parlors work great around popular food joints and cinema theatres. You don’t require a huge capital investment to implement this business idea.


You can open pre-schools in small domestic spaces with a single-time investment in educative and safe material. All you need is an excellent pre-school idea that has an innovative teaching methodology to attract a large proportion of working parents.

However, you need to understand that owning a pre-school is a great responsibility that requires you to have undivided attention to the children.

Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Laundry services will require you to put in a relatively high single-time investment but you can recover all these costs within a short period. You can lure customers with cheap but high-quality services in the initial stages.

You can also spread your reach by offering pick and drop services to widen your customer base. You may also desire to offer complementary services such as a reading room or a small café to attract the eye of the customer as they wait for their garments to be ready. All this adds up to customer service.

Café and Bookshop

Café and Bookshop

The combination of a café and bookshop has been a great hit in some of the metro cities around the world. However, most people in India are yet to experiment with this brilliant business idea.

The dating culture is growing steadily and this makes the café-bookshop to be a perfect venue for those who are meeting for the first time. It is one of the best small business ideas in India that we need to impress.

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Applications such as Haptik and UrbanClap have introduced a new dimension on how people work around cleaning and cooking services. However, these services are restricted to large cities and limited to a few limited sections of the metro cities.

You can open a new cleaning service through a telephone or website and this will not call for a massive sum of investment.




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Trade Show Booth Designing

This small business idea in India heavily depends on your location. The good thing with most Indian towns is that they have enough characters for attracting tourists especially the old towns.

Most of these tourists will want to venture into detailed heritage walks and city-tours among other activities. Therefore, this is a highly profitable business venture in India but you must have high stakes in knowledge and time.

You can also cash-in from the influx of tourists by opening themed stay options.

Opening a Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

People are more concerned about their health more than ever before. You will find them visiting fitness centers so as to cut on curbs. Setting up a fitness center needs a large initial investment but you will spend so little in terms of maintenance costs.

Internet Services

No single town, whether small or big, can survive without the internet. Most people who own smartphones want to access affordable but high-speed internet services.

Some of the major players in the market include Vodafone, Jio, and Airtel but most homeowners are still looking for reliable services for their PCs and other appliances. You can turn this into a very serious business opportunity.

The internet business may call for a slightly higher initial investment but you can be sure of high returns as long as you offer high-quality services.

Trash Management

This business idea is a need to the hour even though it appears to be unglamorous for most people. Most of our Indian cities are plagued with poor waste management services.

Base level segregation is critical for trash management and it surprisingly provides good margins. If you are interested in this venture, you may collaborate with the local authorities to increase your profitability.

All these small business ideas in India can serve you well as long as you have a strong will.


Finding a business idea is not shared, but finding a lucrative business idea is a daunting task. Before you can choose a business idea, you need to go through a groundwork planning process to find whether the business will bring in profit or not.

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