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How to Ship Art Safely

How to Ship Art Safely

Ship Art

Shipping art requires much preparation and planning if you want it to arrive safely and securely. There is no universal way to ship art. You have to think about the company size, business model, and shipment method before sending packages out.

Usually, you can ship art alone or use a shipping company like Unival Logistics. Using a shipping company reduces the chance of a failed shipment. Further, you can even get insurance for your packages, fully protecting your art pieces in case of any mishaps.

Shipping Art Pieces

Shipping Art Pieces

Shipping art has significant complications you need to deal with compared to the shipping of other high-value items. Before you even think of shipping, you have to determine how many art pieces you want to ship.

Often, art sellers, galleries, and companies that deal with art ship multiple pieces of art at a time. Shipping of single art pieces may be better for individual buyers. When you deal with art professionally, sending more art pieces at once is standard practice. Thus, you should consider whether you have to hire a logistics company.

Things to Consider Before Shipping Art

Before you start shipping, there are three things to consider. You want to know how often you plan to send goods. Then, consider the distance to the buyers and sellers. Finally, consider the size of the shipment. With that information, your company can find the best solution for art transportation.

1. How Often You Ship Goods 

Out of all aspects, you want to base your choice of shipping on the frequency. If you ship goods often, then you need to partner up with a logistics company. Whether you buy or sell art, perks such as tracking and insurance help to protect your company.

Choosing a more flexible variant of transport may help you as a short-term solution. For long-term plans, get as much legal and other protection as you can for your company. At least, do that if you regularly ship art. In case you deal with art sporadically, you can research other solutions.

2. The Distance

Think of the distance. Distance is another factor that should influence your choice of shipping company. For smaller distances, you can even use a local network to deliver the goods. If you want to send a small painting, you can avoid using a logistics company.

Instead, find a person to package the art piece and then send it in a car. With basic conservation procedures, the art piece retains its quality regardless of transport. But, this may not work at longer distances. When you ship over long distances, your goods require more preparation and protection.

3. The Size of the Shipment

Your goods needing additional protection is even more true if you want to transport multiple pieces of art. Your company needs a systematic approach to transport if you have packages of various sizes, which is why it’s important to look into the various types of trailers available to hire.

In the end, any of the factors may impact your decision for choice of transport. In practice, individuals can send and receive single art pieces over short distances. For longer distances and more packages, a logistics company is a much better solution.

Further, a company should reconsider its approach to transport if it lacks insurance. Protecting a company’s reputation is necessary for the art industry. The art pieces are often irreplaceable, and insurance at least helps the buyer of the art piece.

Shipping Alone

Shipping Alone

Now, look at both methods of transport. While there are general uses for each type of transport, your company may need all of them. Your company can ship through a local service, a national logistics company, or another individual. Companies may choose to ship alone in case of working with a buyer of a single piece.

However, companies have to consider if this solution is financially viable for them. With more flexibility, you can find individuals in the vicinity to transport the package for you. Yet, always think of packaging. Without proper packaging, it doesn’t matter whether you use a friend or a whole company.

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Hiring a Logistics Company

Hiring a logistics company makes more sense if you have multiple buyers. Companies that deal with art need to consider how secure and on-time shipments impact their business. Logistics companies offer to send multiple packages at once over longer distances. That is an excellent opportunity for a gallery with an online presence or an e-commerce business.

Additionally, buyers get insurance and tracking, which helps build trust with your customers. Also, sending a single shipment over longer distances is safer with tracking. But, packaging should remain a priority for you. That determines the quality of the shipment and the safety of the art pieces.

Think About Packaging

Packaging your art is all about ensuring its safety upon delivery. Most art is rather delicate and fragile. Not only do you have to put a coat of protective material over it, but you also need to stabilize it during transport.

For coating, you can use styrofoam or a similar material. A shipping company has to cover both sides of the art piece, protecting the whole item. Then, it is necessary to stabilize the art pieces. Usually, an art piece needs to stand between two other items for safe transport. Before hiring a shipping company, ask about their packaging process.

Take Out Insurance for Your Shipments

Finally, you always want to take out insurance on your shipments. If anything happens to the art pieces, your company needs reimbursement. However, not all carriers provide full-value insurance for high-value items. Contact your carrier and ask them about their insurance policy before you make a choice.

Ship Art Safely

Shipping art is something that seems complex in the beginning. Once you make a handful of calls and review a few offers, the process becomes much clearer and your choice becomes much easier. Then, you can help others trade art, while building your reputation as a formidable vendor.

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