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Why Shared Hosting is Best to Secure Professional Websites for Beginners?

Why Shared Hosting is Best to Secure Professional Websites for Beginners?

Shared hosting

Web hosting is something every web developer will know about. But many technologically challenged people are website owners as well. They need to keep themselves updated with what is going on with their website and what would be the right thing to do to make sure it is growing. So, web hosting is a very important subject to discuss.

This article is for beginners in web hosting services. Shared server hosting is the commonest web hosting among beginners, so we will focus on that.

What Is Web Hosting?

Nobody needs to know the exact inner workings of web hosting technology. But everybody needs to know the basics. Being blind about the working of something you own, just because you don’t already know about it, is not just lazy but a dangerous decision. You need to know how to run what you own. So you need to know what web hosting is.

You may be a web designer or developer, or a layperson with professional website ownership. You need a hosting server to keep your website running. The server makes sure that your website has internet access every moment. This access is given by companies that rent their own servers to you so that you can put up your data on the internet. This is where you store all your important data, files, images, videos, texts, pages, and records of marketing statistics, and business conversions.

Types Of Hosting

There are various types of web hosting. The three main types are shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, and dedicated hosting. You cannot pick anyone as you please. You need to get familiar with each type to find out what they have to offer. Different phases of your business demand different web hosting solutions.

Shared Hosting:

This is a free platform where many different websites with different owners share one server. This is good for the beginner level, where there is not much traffic or storage bulk, and not too many things to hide. This is the exposure level of web hosting.

VPS Hosting:

When your business begins to grow, you need security of your own, and some private space to store important data. But the business isn’t too successful to afford an entirely exclusive server. So, you rent a part of a server for yourself and that is VPS hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

When you are about to reach the pinnacle of success, you need to switch to the dedicated server. You need a lot of space, RAM, monitoring, and security. Your website is ready for complete dedication. Once you give it, there is no looking back.

Let us focus on the beginning stages of web hosting requirements. Shared hosting is what everybody begins their journey with. Those who go directly for VPS, don’t find it worth their money because their website is not ready to make use of everything a VPS offers. Also, a lot of work needs to go into technical security. So, begin with shared servers.

Shared Web Hosting

Let’s get into the details of the first type of web hosting you will use. Shared web hosting is the commonest type. Every small business starts with this free version of web hosting. This is a platform to introduce yourself or your business to the world.

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Shared web hosting is popular not just because it is cheap. It is popular because the majority of people who launch their pages on a shared server do not intend to make it grow to a level where a shared server cannot handle it. Notice all the private blogs and small businesses that mean to stay the way they are. WordPress blogs with subdomains are examples of shared web hosting. Millions of people are just looking for a platform to put their work on for the world to see. This is what shared hosting offers.

For Everybody

Shared web hosting is for everybody because you don’t need to be an expert to manage the server. The server is not yours to own, or take care of. You don’t get many options to change. You need to work on the layout you are given. But at the same time, you get everything ready. You don’t have to work on the setup or interface. You get tools to upload, update, edit, and share your web pages.

Even if you know nothing about technology, you can use a shared server. Turns out, many people who do use it, do not even know what web hosting means. Do not worry, you are not lagging behind.


Shared hosting is a step up from free websites that are so exposed to security threats. With a shared hosting service, you get a content ownership guarantee, customization options, greater bandwidth limits, and control over ad permits on your pages. You can use your shared web host for as long as you want. When you think you want to take things to the next level, you can easily move into VPS or dedicated servers.

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