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Setting Up A Virtual Call Centre As An SME: How Do You Do It?

Business Intelligence 5 Mins Read October 13, 2022 Posted by Sumona

Do you want to future-proof your organisation? Or further, professionalise your services? You can easily set up a virtual PBX these days! Does setting up a telephone exchange seem like an impossible task?

Nowadays, there are easy solutions for setting up a telephone service quickly, easily and inexpensively. It is no longer necessary to hire an expensive external call centre agency to offer good telephone service.

With a virtual call centre, you can set up an operational telephone exchange within a day. And while maintaining full flexibility, there are numerous options for the virtual call centre to grow with the business.

Wondering how this works and what it means for your organisation? We tell you what a virtual call centre is, the benefits, what your customers will notice and how you can easily set up a virtual call centre yourself in three steps.

What is a virtual call centre?

A virtual call centre is nothing more than a phone system that runs entirely online. A cloud-based phone system is a customised solution that completely adapts to the needs of your business.

Basically, you don’t want to be too concerned with the whole system behind making and receiving calls. You just want to serve your customers as well as possible. With a virtual call centre, this is made as easy as possible. You no longer need cumbersome equipment or software.

With a plug-and-play option, your business number can be operational within a day. Employees only need a (mobile) device, an internet connection and a user-friendly call centre app. This then allows them to connect directly to the online PBX.Close up on person working in call center

Advantages of a virtual call centre

The virtual call centre is a tailor-made solution to serve your customers as efficiently as possible without compromising on customer friendliness and service. In addition, a virtual call centre offers a high level of information security thanks to regular security updates. Curious about all the advantages of a VoIP call centre? With a virtual call centre, you can:

Audio headset used by call center agents to help clients and do telecommunication with technology. empty customer service workstation with headphones, computers and modern gadgets.

– Easily scale up or down when needed. When your organisation grows or has fixed peak moments, the virtual call centre grows flexibly along with it.

– View key statistics in real-time in a handy dashboard. And if you want to know, even more, you can download all the data to your computer. Measuring is knowing!

– Simple and automatic call forwarding. Preset routing and menus automatically direct customers to the right department.

– Have your address book automatically synchronised with all connected employees. If you change, add or delete a contact, it is updated immediately with everyone.

– Fixed number on mobile: a business phone number on the smartphone to combine the best of both worlds, professional and flexible.

– Set a pre-announcement tone or separate ringtone. This allows employees to easily distinguish who is calling and answer the phone appropriately.

– Easily block or prioritise certain callers.

Set up an SMS tool to send short messages to customers.

– Deploy employees flexibly. At home or in the office, at home or abroad, employees can connect themselves to the virtual call centre.- Set up an accessibility schedule. Thanks to the smart system, employees can indicate when they are available and callers are evenly distributed among the available employees.

– Easily record calls to listen back later, e.g. for training purposes or to include in the appraisal cycle.

Set up your own virtual call centre in three steps

Want to set up a virtual call centre but don’t know where to start? With a few simple decisions, you can be up and running within one working day:

Closeup image of office phone

Step 1. Decide which phone number you want to use

It is possible for your virtual call centre to set up almost any business phone number, even combinations are possible! You can choose from: free to call toll-free numbers, national phone numbers, and local extensions such as London 204 and you can even set up an international number, for example a virtual phone number italy.

Step 2. Build a virtual team of employees

With a virtual call centre, you basically no longer need physical office space. You can set up a full hybrid system that allows you to have employees record calls at any location. Employees can connect to the online call centre and make business calls from home, on the road, in the office or even abroad. Wherever your employees are, they all become part of the virtual call centre.

Step 3. Choose whether to work with desk phones, mobile devices or a softphone device

You can set up the virtual call centre in three ways. You can transfer incoming calls to mobile devices, to a softphone device or use headphone devices. You can also opt for a hybrid form where you combine two or three of these options! You decide which employee works with which type of device. The softphone application is suitable for iOS and Android devices, you can download it 24/7 and start using it immediately. For the headphone devices, you get a plug-and-play experience.

What do customers notice about the virtual call centre?

Compared to a traditional call centre, customers will be positively surprised because:

– They will hear a welcome message chosen by you.

– Waiting times are minimised. Thanks to smart menus and routing systems, callers are immediately transferred to an available employee in the right department.

– Outside opening hours, callers hear a pre-programmed message or can leave a digital answering machine.


With a virtual call centre, you have the opportunity to further professionalise business telephony and future-proof your organisation. You get all the benefits of a landline phone number without sacrificing your image or professional appearance. With the transition from the old-fashioned telephone exchange to online call centres, you are able to meet the growing demand for good telephone accessibility and excellent service.


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