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Key Things To Know To Sell Digital Art

Key Things To Know To Sell Digital Art

Digital Art

Selling digital art in the form of cards or paintings featuring famous anime characters or video game figures is a very profitable business. Once done, the digital art can get downloaded several times, earning lifetime passive income for the creator. Follow a few tips and tricks to market the digital art to the right target audience to increase its reach and sell easily.

Here Are Five Prime Facts To Know To Before Selling Digital Art:

1. Sell on Etsy

Create your digital art in the PNG format if it is a painting or MP3 and MP4 format if it’s music and audio file. Sell them on stores like Etsy, Design cuts, Shapeways, and other similar platforms. It is the easiest way to sell digital art online and set up shop in a few simple steps without spending much. Grow your audience selling through such sites, and build an email list.

Create your digital art

The other ways to sell digital art nowadays include direct advertising and selling through social media or a private website. Once you set up your shop, treat it like a serious business, uploading new art regularly and increasing store visibility through effective marketing campaigns. Check the latest marketing trends popular in your niche and use new innovative methods to reach your customers.

2. Print on physical products

Print your digital art on physical products and sell them for a particular price with the help of print-on-demand services. Your art might appear on mugs, T-shirts, souvenirs, and other memorable items for customers. Selling physical products fetch you more profit than digital art as the customers like a framed painting hanging in their house rather than its digital copy.

Offer customers options to download digital prints and buy physical objects with their images in your store. A particular design or a symbol they like must be easy to download as a background on their laptop screen and mobile. Mouse pads and laptop skins with the same design and stickers to stick on lap bags and bikes of the same art must also be available to purchase.

3. Collaborate with others

Sell the physical products that are in demand or the ones you like in various gift stores and physical shops to increase the sale of the product. Collaborate with other creators to combine a set of digital art and sell it as a huge bundle. For example, digital painting creators can connect to sell three to four pieces at a discounted price. Each artist’s creations can be added to the bundle, increasing the viewership and reach for all the collaborating artists.

best business partner

Get in touch with a mug creator on Etsy, print your symbol on their cup or coaster, and sell it in physical stores. Talk to various people about profit and expense sharing to select the best business partner to help you grow your art. Offer collaboration days with extra discounts and advertise them to the client base of all the artists.

4. eCommerce store with the right pricing

Set up a personal eCommerce store on a profile website featuring all your creations where people can order fine art paintings online. Set up a reasonable charge for your physical labor or artistic skills and charge hourly. For example, if you spent nearly 10 hours creating digital art and want $30 for an hour, charge the art accordingly. If it is digital art, remember several people will download the art, enabling you to bring down the price considerably.

Include the expense of the materials like wood, canvas, and paint with the price for physical pieces. If it is music, charge the customers for the time spent and the money you gave to other artists to play instruments, music mixing, etc. An eCommerce store or a personal website is a great way to sell your products directly to your customers without third-party interference.

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5. Marketing is crucial

Use the latest digital marketing techniques to make your Etsy and personal website famous among your target audience. Market in social media, forums, and blogs your target audience visits frequently.

digital prints

Offer print-at-home services for high-quality digital prints and establish insider clubs to create loyal followers. Enrich your SEO knowledge and learn what search terms your audience use when they search for digital art.

Use them to optimize your website and product description to show up in more searches. Plan a marketing campaign involving influencers, discounts, collaborations, and ample advertising to make your shop’s name well known to your target audience. Always collect the email address of people visiting your site and build an email list of your loyal customers.

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