Best Sales Tracking Software Of 2023

Best Sales Tracking Software Of 2023

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Today we all live in a digital world. Competition is huge and intense among the brands. Sales form the lifeblood of any business. Without tracking your sales, you cannot prosper in the long run. It is the reason why the use of sales tracking software becomes essential for your business growth.

You cannot prosper in the long run unless you know the sales figures of your business. Sales tracking software can guide you on where to invest and where not to invest your money to boost your sales figures.

Now, when you open the internet, you will get lots of options for selecting sales tracking software. Among the many, you have to select the best that can meet your requirements with complete ease.

What Is A Sales Tracking Software? 

What Is A Sales Tracking Software

Sales tracking software helps you to monitor, analyze, and record customer behavior in the market. It offers you the authentic data that can help your business to grow at a faster pace.

Sales tracking will offer you hard data on how your marketing practices are performing in the market. It will also alarm you when you need to change the business practices as per the needs and requirements of the market.

What Does Sales Tracking Software Include?

There are several things that a sales tracking software includes for your business. You must know them in detail to have a better idea of it. Some of the key factors that it includes are as follows:-

  • Presentation & pitching.
  • Lead generation and prospecting.
  • Objection Handling.
  • Lead scoring and qualification.
  • Reporting.
  • Sales Email Tracking.
  • Sales Call tracking.
  • Forecasting.

Best Sales Tracking Software For Small Business 

There are several best sales tracking software available for small businesses. You need to select the best that suits your requirements as per your business needs. Let?s get into the idea of the best sales tracking software that can make things easier for you.

1. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk offers state-of-the-art CRM facilities for your small business. The sales automation features of Zendesk offer you the chance to track leads and analyze sales reports. It manages the contracts and refines your sales tactics. Some of the key features of Zendesk sell are as follows:-

  • Ensures effective lead management.
  • Sales call tracker.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Sales dialer.
  • Email tracking.
  • Lead qualification.
  • Prospecting tools.
  • Task and activity tracking.

2. Netsuite CRM 

Netsuite CRM

Netsuite CRM is another one of the best sales tracking software that can offer you complete sales tracking opportunities to know the market trend. They offer you 24/7 live rev support and will also offer in-person training. It is best for small and mid-size businesses. Real-time dashboards will offer you complete insights into where you need to improve.

Some of the core features of Netsuite CRM are as follows:-

  • Offers the opportunity for document storage.
  • Email marketing.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Internal chat Integration.
  • Ensures quality lead qualification.

You can make use of this software for your social selling as well in the long run.

3. Free Agent CRM 

Free Agent CRM

The Free Agent CRM is one of the best sales force automation systems that offers sales tracking options for better customer relationship tools. It offers a lengthy list of features like drip emails, volunteer management, and expense tracking. You need to get through the details of this Sales tracking software feature to get a better insight into it.

  • Channel management.
  • A/B testing.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Content Delivery.
  • Prospecting tools.

You need to have a proper sales training program before using this tracking software.

4. Sales Now 

Sales Now

Sales Now is another of the best sales tracking software to rely on for your business growth. It is a cloud-based sales CRM. It offers field sales management and complete mobile access to agents who work outside the office. Advanced searches, custom fields, and filters will help you to quickly find out the accounts and contacts.

Some of the key features of this sales tracking software are as follows:-

  • Lead distribution.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Performance metrics.
  • Prospecting tools.
  • Offers customer service analytics.

5. Spiro 


Sipro is one of the best sales tracking software that can help you to know the current market trends easily. It is best for B2B companies like finance, logistics, manufacturing, serving, and real estate. It can help you to automatically collect the data and email perfectly for your business.

Some of the key features of Spiro are as follows:-

  • Offers sales forecasting.
  • A calendar and reminder system is present in it.
  • Offers lead management.
  • Referral tracking.
  • Performance metrics can be measured easily with it.

You can make a marginal analysis of your business once you make use of this tracking software.

6. Sales Dash 

Sales Dash Sales Tracking Software

Sales Dash can offer you complete sales tracking data to manage your decision-making process more effectively. You can import the contact information where you can track the client information accurately. Setting reminders for yourself is also possible in this software. The dashboard will display the pending and daily tasks to its users.

Some of the core features of Sales Dash are as follows:-

  • Offers high-quality CRM.
  • Calendar or reminder system.
  • Mobile access is possible here.
  • Effective task management is possible.
  • Sales forecasting becomes easier.

You can go through the details of this website as similar types of information are present here on

7. Thryv 

Thryv Sales Tracking Software

Thryv is one of the best appointment schedule software to build your business in the correct direction. You need to get through the complete details of this tracking software. It offers a wide range of features like tax calculation, 2-way messaging, room booking, and mobile payments.

Some of the core features of Thryv are as follows:-

  • Automated scheduling.
  • ROI tracking and analytics.
  • Billing portal.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Email Marketing.

Sales Tracking Software Free 

There are several sales tracking software you can get for free. You need to identify the use of this software to make things happen all of a sudden. Ensure that you have selected the correct software for your business.

  • Kylas Sales CRM.
  • Mailchimp.
  • Zoho CRM.
  • Hubspot CRM.
  • Clickup.
  • Brevo.

You can go through this website to have clearer insight about it.

Final Take Away 

Hence, the selection of the best sales tracking software can change the course of your business to a great extent. You need to have the right assistance from the core sales platform to boost your business in the right direction.

You can share your views and opinions with us in our comment box. It will assist us to know your take on this matter. Your feedback plays a valuable role in your brand development. Getting the right feedback matters a lot.

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