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Your Organization Might Be Safe With Unarmed Security

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In some cases, an organization?s management has no option but to involve the services of armed security staff to keep the firm (and its agents, customers, and guests) safe and healthy.

Some organizations, such as defense contractors, door supervisor company, quasi-governmental agencies, or private research and development facilities, also need armed security personnel to protect real and intellectual property ? and the people who work with that property

Some organizations, such as defense contractors, quasi-governmental agencies, or private research and development facilities, also need armed security personnel to protect real and intellectual property ? and the people who work with that property.

Still, other buildings might be visited by high-profile individuals, such as celebrities or government officials, and therefore need armed guards to minimize the threat bad guys pose to these high-value targets.

But for many businesses and organizations, these ?boots on the ground? assets aren?t necessary.  For some, armed guards aren?t even the most effective choice? and armed security is never the least expensive option.

A top-flight professional security firm can do a full threat assessment to help your outfit?s leaders determine whether you really need boots on the ground? or whether unarmed ?eyes on the prize? would be the smarter choice.

Deter Threats ? And Prevent ?Overkill? ? With Unarmed Security :

There are at least three reasons you?d want to avoid using armed security (over choosing unarmed guards) if you can:

Adding lethal weaponry to the premises inherently increases risk. Not only can that extra layer of risk be somewhat unnerving, but it?s also always expensive. Your firm?s insurance rates will go up? and, due to the much-more-extensive training and expertise needed by armed guards, the raw costs of armed security can be significantly higher than the cost of unarmed security. Weapons are also inherently dangerous, so you may find yourselves in the middle of a Negligent Security lawsuit if an accident were to happen.

  • Armed security is a tricky endeavor, and managing it is very likely not in your organization?s ?wheelhouse? in terms of core competence.  Due to the complexity of the undertaking, it takes more time to put armed measures in place than it does to post unarmed guards.

Whether armed or unarmed, you?ll want to engage the services of a professional security firm to handle oversight of your organization?s security personnel.  But in many cases, firms can go with the less-expensive, less-complex option of unarmed security.

For many organizations, armed guards represent ?overkill.?

Check With The Pros To Learn Whether Unarmed Security Is Your Best Choice :

Your operation may not present a likely target for violent crime.

College campuses, office complexes, malls, job sites, and retail establishments are often perfectly well-served by unarmed security officers who can keep their eyes on the assets (and personnel).

Posting unarmed guards is an excellent way for many facilities to deter the threats they?d be most likely to encounter.

Your professional security firm will thoroughly screen and background-check the guards they provide and give you great peace-of-mind that your organization?s assets and people are well-protected.


Safe.  Comfortable.  Relaxed.  When folks feel safe, they work better, study better, and shop more!

Choosing the right security for your facility is a big decision.  Make sure you have all the information you need to make the right call.  Get a thorough physical security assessment by a reliable, experienced firm.  That?s the way to learn whether unarmed security could be the perfect choice for you.

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