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Real Estate Agents Should Start Using These Marketing Platforms In 2022

Marketing Tips 4 Mins Read February 2, 2022 Posted by Arina Smith

Digital marketing has transitioned how marketing is done in the real estate industry for several years. With many real estate agents’ continual rise, getting clients and leads are becoming more strenuous by the hour. For those without an online presence, growing the clientele and closing deals has become more difficult, even for seasoned realtors. Using the digital tools and Marketing Platforms will give you an edge over your competitors and help you attract more leads.

Some of the best marketing platforms you can employ in 2022 include the following:


Facebook is the most used marketing platform for real estate agents. Its use in 2022 is set to continue going strong as it provides a comprehensive platform with unique features that allows you to build your brand. If you are a realtor having or investing in your Facebook account goes a long way in helping you provide personalized services to your current clients.

This platform also enables you to stay in touch with previous clients and land new clients by providing an avenue to share your content. The upside of using Facebook is its overall structure that allows multiple sending of images or videos. What is uploaded is seen at the top of the platform, making sharing of information easy. This feature makes Facebook quite ideal for both beginners and seasoned realtors.

This tool will still be relevant in 2022 due to the large number of users that access it making it easy for you to strategize and have a marketing plan that provides growth and success. The platform also allows for paid advertisement, providing you with an opportunity to channel your content to the right audience. The downside of Facebook is the fact that it is open to everyone.

This fact poses a threat as your account can get easily hacked, leading to closure or having sensitive client information accessed by the wrong person. Due to its open nature, some clients may not be comfortable sharing their details on the platform, resulting in the loss of a client, especially for those in a different geographical location.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican proves that direct mail marketing is still a viable marketing option for real estate agents. It continues to stand strong in 2022 as home buyers still value a well-written postcard and will keenly take an interest in a house sent to them by mail.

In addition to easy-to-customize full-color templates, Wise Pelican also provides the option of purchasing mailing lists, tracking your postcards, and has no minimum order requirements.

Savvy real estate agents use Wise Pelican to reach prospective clients and consistently stay in contact with people on their farms.

Connections Plus

Connection plus is a great platform that helps you solidify your market plan by getting clients and provides an opportunity for networking and interaction with other realtors in your region. The upside of using connection plus is the quality leads it generates as most people who visit the site are those looking to either sell or purchase a house.

It provides a learning experience for them, but one will have to work extremely hard to ensure they land a deal. However, it is a valuable marketing platform that will help you build your brand.


Mailchimp is an excellent marketing platform that allows you to keep your clients updated and simultaneously send information. Its ability to send messages in bulk ensures your clients get listing updates while promoting a professional culture. It also has sophisticated tools that allow you to keep tabs on your clients and help in remarketing strategies.

Mailchimp provides an ideal avenue to develop a relationship with your clients and keep them updated. However, the platform’s downside is that clients may not read their emails every time.


YouTube is a must-have platform for 2022. It provides a platform for you to share your current projects, have fun, provide educative content on house hunting and decorating, and is vital for building a brand. You can use your YouTube platform to close sales and get client reviews on what they would like to see or are currently interested in getting.

YouTube also allows you to hold live events that provide an avenue for you to interact with clients and answer their questions. It is an excellent platform for 2022, especially for those who would like to build their brand.


Instagram IGTV is the latest introduction in the marketing platforms, allowing you to share content using videos. Instagram is big, especially among millennials. Thus, it is a marketing strategy you should invest in in the next year, especially since a percentage of millennials will be first-time home buyers. You get an opportunity to work with a vocal group of clients who know what they want and are not afraid to share their style online.

Using IGTV has an upside of helping you understand the potential client’s reaction, making you aware of what is likely to work. It also provides an easy avenue to advertise your current work.


Another marketing platform to generate quality leads that you should invest in in the coming year is Twitter. It provides a platform for you to post and share videos and content using hashtags to help it get more views.

With the correct marketing strategies, Twitter can be used to your advantage and help you build your brand as an experienced and reliable brand. The upside of Twitter is most of its users are objective, influencing the quality of leads you are likely to get.


There are numerous trends you can use in 2022; however, ensure you give each platform the attention it deserves to generate results. Having two or three is advisable rather than all of them to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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