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How Can Providing Self-Service Be Fruitful For Businesses?

How Can Providing Self-Service Be Fruitful For Businesses?


Delivering an amazing support experience during customer interactions is the only way to keep a business’s credibility secured. During the peak hours, however, the average rate of customer service or self-service queries gets increased, which indirectly reduces the chances of delivering satisfactory resolutions. This can put the business into a big problem.

To keep rolling the success ball, business owners contact call centre outsourcing companies so that support queries could be handled perfectly. The surprising factor is that the latter always provide the same level of support service, regardless of the volume of queries. In doing this, self-service plays a vital role.

How Can Providing Self-Service Be Fruitful For Businesses?

Today, we would tell how providing self-service facility can be fruitful for businesses that prefer to handle support requests by themselves. So, let’s get started:

1. Reduces agent turnover:

The major benefit of providing self-service is that it reduces the odds of agent turnover to a great extent. Surprised? There is no need to be because businesses that run an in-house call centre generally pressurise their support agents to handle maximum queries in a day. Owing to the workload, agents’ job satisfaction level starts decreasing, which consequently, results in a turnover at last.

High agent turnover simply means running the hiring process repeatedly, which can make a big negative impact on the business’s bottom line.

To save the business from unnecessary hassle, providing self-service facility is essential. It is so because if customers weed out generic issues by themselves, the volume of support requests will get reduced automatically. This means less workload, which, in turn, leads to better agent retention.

That’s the main reason why recognised call centre outsourcing companies provide self-service. So, if you want to ensure a long-term relationship with your in-house support agents, let your customers solve basic issues.

2. Decreases negative WOM:

For any business owner, nothing is more annoying than witnessing a myriad of negative reviews. To reduce the number of negative reviews, it is significant to live up to customers’ expectations during support service interactions. Practically, however, keeping every customer happy is not possible. For business owners, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

Here, providing self-service alternative could be fruitful for businesses that run an in-house call centre because if customers solve issues on their own, the possibility of negative WOM is more likely to decrease.

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In short, the self-service facility should be offered to keep the business’s brand image safe.

3. Turns customers into brand advocates:

It may come as a surprise to you that how self-service alternative can help businesses in turning customers into brand advocates. Here, we would like to reveal that 69% of customers want companies to offer self-service facility because the former don’t want to be dependent on support agents for the resolution of minor issues. Providing what customers really want is the first step towards turning them into brand advocates.

So, it is imperative for businesses to offer self-service facility if there is a wish to keep getting new customers. Read More: Why are Businesses opting for Call Centre Outsourcing?

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