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Promotion Of Goods On Social Networks: Account Registration, Content Publication, And Advertising Launch

Promotion Of Goods On Social Networks: Account Registration, Content Publication, And Advertising Launch

Promotion Of Goods On Social Networks

When everything is clear with analytics and strategy, you can start registering an account. It should be attractive in general and take into account the specifics of specific social networks. A dynamic Facebook cover, for example, allows you to display current promotions. And in the saved stories on Instagram, you can store prices, tariff descriptions, menus, and other information relevant to users.

It is important to indicate the main communication channels used by the target audience in the header and account descriptions. If the company accepts most orders by phone, indicate its number. If users are more likely to write to direct or community messages, this is not necessary.

Using Multi-Links in the Instagram Header: Why is it Important?

It is worth using multi-links in the Instagram header. We, for example, use the Tap link service. Due to volume limitations, it will not be possible to indicate all links in the header. Therefore, we indicate the address on the Tap link, and there we collect links to sites and other social networks. You can even create a mini landing page with product categories.

Most often, when working on a new project, we are faced with the need to make a redesign. The old design greatly hindered us, for example, when launching the project of the Belmarco children’s furniture store.

The Facebook cover was overloaded with useless elements and looked like a poster in some provincial mall. On Instagram, there were no brand markings on the avatar at all. The description, on the contrary, contained a lot of unnecessary information.

Design and Appearance of Images: Why does it matter?

On Instagram, the general appearance of the feed is very important. Images should be of high quality, made in a general style. A sloppy account pushes users away, raises the subscriber price, and sells worse.

If social media accounts are created from scratch, you first need to create content and only then launch ads. People rarely subscribe to blank pages — just a waste of your budget. You need a well-structured program, smart social media posting tools. For example, Postoplan allows you to manage the most popular social networks at the same time, publish posts.

If you already have an audience on social networks and existing content does not hurt attracting new subscribers, you can launch ads right away.

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Ad Funnels: Meaning and Definition:

An ad funnel usually includes many segments: from several dozen to hundreds. You don’t need to connect them all at once. Usually, based on our experience, we single out the most promising ones and start with them: we test creatives, see the result, disable ineffective ads, increase the budget for good ones. In the process, we connect and test new segments.

For example, when promoting a manufacturer of tourist equipment, we divided the target audience into 28 segments depending on interests, which, in turn, were conditionally divided into three groups: tourists, fans of military sports games, and other segments (including summer residents, photographers, event organizers, etc.).

The Final Word:

Tourists were the most relevant to the customer’s product catalog, so we started with this group. The rest joined gradually. In general, we were right: tourism lovers showed the best results. But there were also surprises. For example, airsoft amateurs “shot.” This segment was ranked among the best in terms of cost per click. This is how we gradually optimize the cost per click, subscription, and sales.

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