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Why Product Packaging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Mix

Why Product Packaging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Mix

Product Packaging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Mix

Marketing your product is no longer optional in this high-tech, competitive, and innovative world. Chances are there are a lot of other companies out there who are offering similar products and services as you do, and you need to find effective marketing tactics to help you gain a competitive edge among industry peers. This is where the marketing mix comes in handy.

Marketing mix refers to the focus points of an effective marketing plan. It was formerly known as the four Ps of marketing, which means the product, price, placement, and promotion. However, when addressing the first P, or the “product”, companies overlook one aspect that could make or break their overall marketing strategy. It’s creating effective product packaging.

Human beings are naturally visual people. This is why first impressions would usually last and make an impact. You can leverage this concept by preparing your product packaging in an elevated and unique way. Aside from prioritizing function and delivery, it is best to consider its aesthetics and overall value.

Here are more reasons why product packaging remains integral in your marketing mix

Improves Brand Recognition

Improves Brand RecognitionImproves Brand Recognition

If you think about it, most people would instantly recognize and acknowledge iconic brands based on their product packaging. Through the years of establishing and mastering their packaging strategies, they’ve finally acquired ownership rights to specific packaging. These packages even evolved from merely being marketing tools to being part of pop culture or practice. This was accomplished by placing their brand identity on their product packaging. You can do the same with how you want others to perceive your brand.

For instance, if your business is related to coffee, you can go for coffee bags with design elements that are significant to coffee or maybe a unique cultural reference. Customers can recognize your brand in the future if they are attracted to your product package’s colors, fonts, and designs. This allows customers to make another purchase without having to check all the other products on the shelf of a store since they already know what your product looks like. It is much easier to grow a loyal customer base for your products when you have effective brand recognition tactics through your packaging.

Elevates Customer Experience

A product’s packaging is often an afterthought rather than being prioritized by many companies, but that could mean a loss of opportunities. You could be losing future buyers if you disregard your product packaging. Nowadays, packaging plays a significant role in customer experiences. It can make or break your brand image.

As e-commerce takes over the retail world, customers will rely on social media influencers and online reviews before making actual purchases. Anyone can make a review of your product, starting with how they appear at first glance. No matter how excellent and high-quality your products are, they can receive low ratings if your packaging is poor.

Especially with the rise of the unboxing videos trend, many people share their experiences online as they unbox their purchases and come across the packaging as the first step of their experience. An unboxing experience should evoke a positive emotional response in your customer.

Your product’s packaging communicates its quality to your customers. No matter how cost-friendly or cheap your products could be, providing them with great packages allow people to perceive them in a better and more luxurious light. It instantly improves customer experience, which can impact your overall marketing effectiveness.

Physically Attracts Prospects And Users Effectively

It’s not an overstatement to say that the branding and marketing of a product are heavily reliant on the packaging. Packaging can make a product more attractive and therefore increase its salability. Simply put, marketers often agree that the packaging is as important as the actual product.

Whether you display them physically on shelves of stores or post photos online, their visual quality would be the first thing that will attract your customers and prospects. Hence, it is necessary to find ways to make them stand out from the shelf or your eCommerce store. Make sure that they are visually striking, unique, and creative.

Product packaging can be powerful in enticing your customers to consider purchasing your product. In fact, many buyers would agree that packaging has significantly influenced their purchases.

Instantly Promotes The Product

Instantly Promotes The ProductInstantly Promotes The Product

As a marketer, you want to decrease your marketing budget and stick to winning small business strategies that are more effective on their own but require lesser money. This is what product packaging offers. It’s an effective marketing strategy that instantly promotes your products. For instance, in food products, there is often a description of the ingredients and nutritional information on the packaging, which can instantly attract customers.

Some other products include instructions on the packaging explaining how to set them up and use them. This information adds more value and motivates the customers to purchase. Customer satisfaction can be promoted by displaying important information regarding the product. Buyers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchases if they understand what they are purchasing.

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However, ensure there’s a balance on what information to share in your packaging, as overcrowding may negatively impact your packaging appeal. Buyers may stay away from your product if it’s filled with unnecessary information and details that may affect its aesthetics. It’s necessary to consider the type of materials to use as packages carefully, the printing design and colors, as well as the logo and graphics. All these elements should work together to promote a product instantly.

Allows Your Brand To Stay Competitive

As expected, there could be hundreds to thousands of existing products out there that are similar to yours. However, one way towards business success amid stiff competition is to make use of valuable and beautiful packages. If you notice as you browse products in supermarkets, retailers often group similar products on shelves. That’s why it’s crucial to find ways to make your product stand out among the other products on the shelf.

Create a product packaging that will catch the curiosity and interest of buyers. Despite similar sizes and shapes, the packaging should have a different design than your competitors. It’s best to consider all the design and color elements in your packaging and ensure they’re unique enough compared to the rest. Also, consider using sustainable and reusable materials since they appeal more to users than disposable ones. This is especially true if your customers value sustainability.

Impacts On Purchasing Power And Decisions

impact customers’ buying decisions and habitsimpact customers’ buying decisions and habits

Your product packaging can impact customers’ buying decisions and habits, and you need to maximize this aspect. Choosing the design elements for your packaging can evoke an emotional response, trigger nostalgia, or associate a good customer memory. Depending on the product you sell, make sure to choose colors that fit its nature and use.

For instance, if you want to focus on emphasizing elegance and class, you can go for black. However, if your products are food items, you should carefully select the right vibrant color that suits your product and easily catches others’ attention. It’s best to familiarize yourself with what each color represents so you can match it according to your product’s image and value.


In today’s marketing scene, product packaging’s role is undoubtedly essential. If you want to remain competitive, you need to pay more attention to how you design your product packages. As discussed above, there are many reasons why packaging should be included in your marketing mix. Marketers should leverage this strategy to positively impact customer experience, improve brand recognition, and guarantee a competitive edge.

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