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Why Is Pre-Employment Screening Important And What Does It Involve?

Employment 4 Mins Read April 3, 2023 Posted by Arina Smith

It has now become a common theme for employers to include a pre-employment screening into their onboarding process. This helps to make sure that they are only employing the best people for the job. As well as the standard background checks that frequently get carried out amongst potential candidates, drug testing has also become a popular process in this type of screening. 

With the help of this drug testing in Baton Rouge service, businesses are able to carry out thorough drug tests on their applicants before offering them a permanent position with their company. From there, they will be able to hire people who conform to the company?s rules and regulations. But of course, this is only one aspect of the pre-employment drug screen. So, let?s learn more about it. 

What Are Pre-Employment Checks?

What Are Pre-Employment Checks?

More than ever before, pre-employment screening has been known to be an essential part of their recruitment. These types of checks can help to make sure that you aren?t at risk of hiring an individual that could cause problems to the rest of your workforce, as well as the business itself. 

Reputation is everything in this industry, and you don?t want to work with people who could jeopardize everything that you have worked for. 

There are many different areas that you can look into when performing a check. These can include references from their previous employers, overseeing their social media activities, as well as performing drug tests, health checks, and criminal checks. 

Whilst most businesses make the decision to conduct such pre-employment screening, you may not be subject to every single one of these checks, but it is likely that you will experience a few of these. Drug testing, criminal checks, and previous references will be the most common types of screening.

Why Are They Important?

Pre-employment screening is important for many reasons. But you could argue that the most crucial reason for all is that they can help you thoroughly determine whether a candidate is suitable for that particular role and whether they have the qualifications and skills that the specific job role requires from their employees. Depending on the type of job that you are offering, these types of checks can also decipher whether that individual is physically capable of carrying out their tasks, as well as whether they are legally allowed to work in the country. 

In most cases, the pre-employment screening will be carried out before they invite the candidate for an interview and after they have been offered the job. This will help make sure that all the details collected are accurate and this candidate is the ideal person for the job.  

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The Benefits Of Pre-Employment Screening

The Benefits Of Pre-Employment Screening

When it comes to pre-employment screening, there are so many benefits that you and your business can see by doing so. Though it has already been mentioned, you will be improving the quality of people who will be working for your business. 

  • By looking at their results, you will know that they can play a big part in building the amount of success that your company can experience in the future. It also improves your business?s overall safety and security, as if you hire someone with a history of drug abuse or violence, and you haven?t checked these details via a screening, you could be putting the safety of your workforce at risk. So, detailed screening can help to make sure that you can avoid such trouble. 
  • Those people who enjoy taking drugs or are required to take them for a particular reason are prone to absences, tardiness, at fault for employee turnover, attitude problems, and low productivity, and this could affect your business. 
  • Hiring people who don?t have a history of such abuse will lower the risk of any of these actions by a considerable amount. Without knowing it now, this could work wonders for the future success of your business. 


There you have it. Whilst most job seekers don?t like the idea of having to experience a pre-employment screening, it means everything to a business. And if you want to make sure that you land the job of your dreams or hire the ideal candidate for the job, this is something that you may need to get through first. But this is normal, and every business should be expected to implement a similar process into their hiring process soon.

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