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Is It Possible To Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed Online?

Is It Possible To Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed Online?

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In today’s time when everywhere there is a state of pandemic and collapsed economy, hopelessness has encircled the entire world. Because of this downfall, many have lost their businesses and employment, and the outside world with almost no opportunities, these people are now keen to find opportunities to make money.

At present, the struggling people are desperate to find ways of bringing food to their tables, so much so that they have even stopped thinking whether an opportunity is real or fake. This is where online fraudsters have found their way to lure such innocent and needy individuals, stealing their personal, private & financial information, only to exploit them for fraudulent activities.

Major Types Of Scams

Although, there are several ways the cyber-criminals swindle people, however, listed below are a few where these imposters seem to be at large:

Scams offering fast money making

What is the most important thing that the needy and unemployed people want at present? It is the basic need for money and the cyber-criminals are well aware of this and know exactly how to pitch to these people in order to lure them. When luring such people, the fraudsters use terms such as “Easy Money Jobs”, “Home-Based Jobs”, “Single-click Jobs” etc. claiming that they can make fast money and offer them attracting methods/plans, with promises of becoming rich in a matter of days.

With promises such as above, innocent people end up sharing their personal/private and financial information.

Lottery Winner scams

What would happen when you are needy and receive an email notifying you that you have won millions of dollars in a lottery? The first thing you would do is stop thinking about how you ended up winning a lottery when you never even bought it physically or electronically, and the only thing you can think about is that how lucky you were to have won a lottery.

Well, the bad news is that you were never lucky but unfortunate to have received such an email. These sorts of emails are sent to millions of people by thousands of fraudsters/cybercriminals every day, telling them that they have won themselves a lottery worth millions and now their days of hard-work are no more, that they never to work again, and will spend their entire life luxuriously. As expected from these typical fraudulent emails, people are required to either pay a small amount in order to get the money they have won through an online lottery or share their personal information.

Once acquired, these fraudsters then use this information for their dirty plans.

Fake shopping websites and fake pending orders

Cyber-criminals have a number of ways to practice through which they can attract people. The most common thing is by luring them onto fake websites/portals through deals and offers that seem too good to be true. One such swindle is the fake shopping site or pending order emails that people receive in their emails. As far as the fake shopping sites are concerned, this is mainly people’s fault as they go looking for sites that offer cheap stuff, and without even thinking, they spend their precious money to avail offers that never exist, to begin with.

Once people are on these fake sites through search or by clicking the pending order link received in their email, they are asked to share their financial information to make payments or checkouts and the rest is understood.

why do people fall prey to such scams?

Let us examine why people end up falling for such swindles in the first place while it is obvious that it is a scam in the first place. The main reason is that when a person has no source of income or security and they have no opportunity insight, they become desperate, sensitive, and emotional, and at times, even stop thinking sensibly. In times like these, when someone comes out of the blue offering home-based jobs with promises of fast income or breaking news of a lottery win or online shopping where stuff is offered almost for free, people end up taking the bait only to realize and pay for their mistakes.

Is There a Way To Get Your Money Back?

For people who end up losing their money to online scams, there is only bad news that the chance of them getting their money back are close to nothing as it is extremely difficult to track down such scammers who have a vast amount of knowledge in computer programming, making them proficient in concealing their identity as well as their location. However, what people can do is to stay informed, cautious, and wary of such swindles, never to fall prey to them again, and help people around them by sharing their experience and advise them the same.

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When it comes to fake or swindling emails, people should not even have to think twice before deleting them. Because, if one cannot recall ever applying on an online job hunt website or played the online lottery or even did online shopping through a cheap site availing offers that are too good to be true, only to leave them in their online cart, then there should not be any second-guessing.

As far as fake websites are concerned, one should know that brands or companies always use their own names in domains and do not put words such as “best-offers” or “discount-offers” in the domain links, and if one is still unsure about the validity of a website, they can always seek guidance from the online community.

Furthermore, people tend to keep away from such scams when they end up falling its prey but the right thing to do is to report such scammers and websites to local as well as online legal authorities who have the power to blacklist such activities and sites and also spread the word through the online platform for people to stay away from such scams.

The only hope of getting your money back

Although the chances of one getting their money back after getting scammed online are close to nothing, fund recovery experts is an organization that is composed of expert lawyers, consultants, accountants, and customer service representatives, who are well experienced in their fields. The lawyers at money-back provide an initial consultation to their clients free of charge, and if there is a way of getting clients’ money back, they will not hesitate. Furthermore, they provide clients with the best (negotiable) prices for their services and consultations.

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